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Steampunk USB drive


Moja ručna izrada.

Potpuno funkcionalna USB memorija sa stimpank modifikacijama. Korišćeni materijali: bakar, mesing, veštačka koža, zupčanici satnog mehanizma…

Handmade by me.

Fully functional 4gb USB flash with steampunk modification. Materials used: copper, brass, artificial leather, clockwork gears…


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How to Make a Steampunk Hat (DIY)


Vlog Channel:
Additional music by Kevin MacLeod available at:

Tools/Materials List:
• White Glue
• Paint
• Rotary tool
• Hot Glue
• Glue Gun
• Scissors

If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you do so at your own risk and you assume the responsibility for the results. You hereby release William Jakespeare, its affiliates subsidiaries, and any person included in this programming expressly or implicitly from any and all actions, claims, or demands that you, your heirs, distributees, guardians, next of kin, spouse or legal representatives now have, or may have in the future, for injury, death, property damage, or any other liability that may result related to the information provided in this video.


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Steampunk Medals


I realised that I'd not made a film for some time, so here's a video about some of the pitfalls of wearing medals and medal ribbons in your outfits. Also, a link to where I get my ribbons from. Look at the ‘foreign ribbons' section:

Images here:

Some of them are obvious no-no's. If you're not sure about them, spend a few minutes researching them like I did. I take no responsibility for you getting called out for stolen valour, or being offensive, because you thought it would look good on your outfit.


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Steampunk – Um Passado Extraordinário


Documentário realizado pela turma de jornalismo do 4° semestre da Universidade Anhembi Morumbi.

O movimento steampunk começou a aparecer nos anos 1980, mas só depois de trinta anos virou moda em diversos países. Teve sua origem na literatura, sob influência dos romances científicos. No inicio era muito parecido com o estilo cyberpunk, uma linha de ficção científica, que têm como principal característica obras ambientadas no passado, em que os paradigmas tecnológicos modernos ocorrem mais cedo do que na história real.
Steampunk = punks a vapor – steam, ou vapor, é um dos símbolos da revolução industrial que aconteceu a partir do século XVIII. E punk é herança do movimento literário cyberpunk, que prega um futurismo apocalíptico e underground.


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How to Make a Teleporter Prop + Q&A


As per request, the Steampunk teleportation controller from episodes of “Hey Jake”
My Etsy:
Additional Music by Kevin MacLeod at:
This was the list of my favorite movies before I chose Scott Pilgrim in no particular order:

Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Shaun of the dead
The Great Dictator
The Shawshank Redemption
The Blues Brothers
Office Space
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Once upon a time in the west
The good the bad and the ugly
Apocalypse Now
Kiss kiss, bang bang
Pulp fiction
Kill bill
Inglourious basterds
Kick ass
LOTR trilogy
Moon (Duncan Jones)
Sunshine (dumb plot, amazing movie)
28 days later
28 weeks later (just for cinematography)
Resident evil 1 (it has a special place in my heart)
Fifth Element
In Bruges
Gangs of new york
Garden State
Hunt for red October
Pirates of the Caribbean, The curse of the black pearl
Raiders of the Lost Arc
Star Trek (2009)
Wrath of Kahn
Pitch black
Alien Resurrection
Bringing up baby (Hepburn/Grant)
God bless America
The go-getter
V for vendetta
Saving private ryan
Tron Legacy (JEFF BRIDGES!)

If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you do so at your own risk and you assume the responsibility for the results. You hereby release William Jakespeare, its affiliates subsidiaries, and any person included in this programming expressly or implicitly from any and all actions, claims, or demands that you, your heirs, distributees, guardians, next of kin, spouse or legal representatives now have, or may have in the future, for injury, death, property damage, or any other liability that may result related to the information provided in this video.


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“Babs Seed” (Steampunk-ish Version) [Orchestral]


This arrangement came out of a challenge, of sorts, posed by steampunk and music fan Repent In Reprise PointlessTable and inspired by the work of DrDissonance1.

While it may not be a textbook example of steampunk music, I had fun writing this. It also gave me the opportunity to record a custom library of metallic strike sounds, something that I've wanted to have for a while now.

You can download to this arrangement here:

The original song, “Babs Seed”, comes from “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”.

Equestria Daily Music of the Day #626:


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Expressing Yourself With Tattoos


Have you noticed that there are a lot of people that have Tattoos these days? In the past you may have only seen tattoos on people such as sailors, outlaws, and biker gangs but now tattoos are a very popular body decoration for many people. The types and styles of tattoos has also come a very long way. It is no longer crude pictures of pinup girls, skulls, and anchors. Tattoos have developed into very sophisticated art work ranging from Celtic crosses to very personalized symbols. People have found and created designs that express themselves in a very personal way.

What is a Tattoo?

Very simply a tattoo is a puncture wound made in the skin that is filled with ink. Although done differently today than in the past the technique is still somewhat similar. Today, tattoo artist use a tattoo gun that has one or more needles that penetrate the skin and delivery ink into the skin. Tattoos last a very long time due to the fact that the ink is placed deeply into the skin. The top layer of skins is called the epidermis and it is constantly shedding and being reproduced. If the ink from a tattoo was in this layer of skin it would not last very long. The layer of skin that the ink is injected to is called the dermis, which is a deeper layer of skin that is very stable and makes the tattoo stay visible almost permanently.

Tattoos in the past were done manually with a tool that they tapped on the skin to make the puncture wound and then the ink would be injected by hand. Most tattoo shops today have tattoo guns or machines to do this today, although you can still find areas around the world that still use the older style of tattooing. The tattoo guns make tattooing much more quickly today because the machine is able to deliver the ink into the skin as it is puncturing the skin. The tattoo artist can change the tip of the machine to contain one needle or group of needles depending on if they are drawing the outline of the design or shading part of the design. Most tattoo artist today are very skilled and know just how far to drive the needle into the skin to produce a good tattoo. Not going deep enough can result in ragged tattoo and going to deep can result in excessive bleeding, not to mention the pain would be much worse.

Are you looking for your next tattoo design? Search the #1 rated Designs Gallery!

Does It Hurt?

Getting a tattoo can hurt and can take several hours or even days to complete depending on the size and design of the tattoo you are getting. The amount of pain can and will very depending on the location of the tattoo. Everyone has a different threshold to pain also. The art has a bit to do with it also. A good tattoo artist can provide less pain over a new or less experienced tattoo artist.

So you want a Tattoo!

First and foremost, if you are going to get a tattoo, get it done safely! Remember, a tattoo is a puncture wound that needs to be taken care of just like any other scrape or cut that you may get. By taking care of your tattoo you will be less likely to have it get infected. It may sound a little silly but you need to make sure that your immunizations are up to date. Tattoo shops today have implement steps to help you avoid infections and disease but it doesn't hurt to take an extra step for your own safety. Have a plan to get medical care if your tattoo does get infected. Some signs of infection are excessive redness, prolonged bleeding, pus or changes in your skin color around the tattoo.

If you have a prior or existing condition such as heart disease, allergies, diabetes or a condition that effects your immune systems by all means consult with your doctor. He may be able to recommend precautions that you can take before getting your tattoo.

Choosing the place to get your tattoo is very important. You want to be sure the tattoo shop is clean and safe. Things such as needles, gloves, mask should all be disposable and should never be used on more than one person. The guns themselves and other equipment that is not disposable should be sterilized after every use. You can contact your local government agencies(county, city, local health department) that can inform your on licensed tattoo shops, standards or complaints against a specific tattoo shop.

Here are some things to look for:

Does the tattoo shop you are looking at have an autoclave to sterilize equipment? An autoclave is a piece of equipment that uses steam, pressure and heat to sterilize with.

Is the shop licensed? You can check this through you local government agency and the tattoo shop you are looking at should be able to provide you with references.

Make sure the tattoo shop the regulations that outline procedures to be followed when dealing with bodily fluids that are provided by the Occupational Safely and Health Administration's Universal Procedures.

Just keep in mind, if the tattoo shop you are considering looks dirty or just doesn't feel right to you for any reason it would probably be best to find a tattoo shop you are more comfortable with.

What to expect

First of all you will need to find your design that you are wanting tattooed on your body. The tattoo shop you are going to will most likely have thousands of designs that you can look through. You may also be able to have the artist create a unique design for you. There are also may designs to choose from on the web. Once you have decided on a design you will need to decide on a location. You may already have a location in mind and be able to choose the tattoo you will be getting for that particular location. The tattoo artist will then clean and even shave if necessary to area getting tattooed and apply a type of stencil of the tattoo on that area and allow you to see it. This will give you a good idea of what it will look like. As the artist is getting the ink and gun ready they will explain things about the needles and the procedures in order for you to become more comfortable with the whole process. When you are both ready they will begin the outline. Once the outline is finished the tattoo artist will once again clean the tattoo area and most likely change the needles in the gun to do the shading or fill in. After finishing the tattoo the artist will again clean the tattoo area and apply some type of antibiotic ointment and then it will be covered with a bandage. Congratulations! You now have a new tattoo. It will take a few days to heal but soon you will be able to remove the bandage and show off your new art.

Tattoo Care

The last step you will need to follow in very important. That is taking care of your new tattoo until it is fully healed. The tattoo shop will give you instructions that you should follow and will most likely give you ointment to use on your tattoo. Just remember to contact your doctor if something about your tattoo seems out of the ordinary (as discussed earlier). Make sure that you keep your tattoo bandaged for the first 24 hours. This will help in the healing process greatly. You will want to avoid touching the new tattoo and picking at any scabs that may form. After all, it is a wound and will most likely form some scabs in places. When you wash it for the first time try to use an antibiotic soap and just pat it dry. Re-apply some antibiotic ointment and also re-bandage it. This will only help your tattoo to heal. You want to avoid getting your new tattoo wet(pools, hot tubs, long showers) until the tattoo has fully healed. The other important step is keeping your tattoo out of direct sunlight. Even after it is fully healed the sun can cause fading of your tattoo a great deal. So it is suggested to use a sun screen on your tattoo for quite some time so that your new tattoo does not begin to fade to soon.

Rick Watson

Find out more about tattoos and other body modification at where you will find related information on tattoos and piercings with links and more showing you where you can go to get tattoo designs and body jewelry.




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DIY Steampunk Eye Drink Coaster ~ Another Coaster Friday ~ Craft Klatch ~ How To


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Time for a steampunk themed coaster! It's an easy DIY craft tutorial!

You will need:
Coaster mold:
Smaller mold (looks similar):
Metal clock faces:
Metal gears:
Ultimate glue:
Amber pigment dye:
Map scrapbook paper: best to try the craft store
Pigment powders (blue):
Metallic light blue paint:
Metallic black paint:
Polymer clay brown:
Polymer clay tan:
Aluminum foil:

Written directions:

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Welcome to Craft Klatch! Pull up a chair and we'll make something! I started my channel to share my love of crafting and DIY with YOU! If you are looking for something fun and unique, you will find it here! There are projects and ideas for all ages. I do furniture makeovers, recycling projects, home decor, jewelry, kids crafts, resin and crafting with nature. My holiday themed crafts range from Christmas ornaments to Halloween makeup tutorials and everything in between! Join me for tips and inspiration. Feel free to share your ideas. Everyone is welcome ~ we are all friends here!

Life's too short not to shimmer, so grab your glue gun and your glitter!

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Music by Kevin MacLeod (Bumbly March & Danse of Questionable Tuning)

Copyright 2011-2016 Craft Klatch LLC


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Transfiguraciones – SteamPunk | Episodio 7


Transfiguraciones – SteamPunk | Episodio 7

Si quieres contribuir o colaborar con donaciones voluntarias:

Hoy toca malla, y nos cambiamos de temática al royo más SteamPunk de Warcraft!

A continuación os dejamos el listado de piezas y el resto de objetos:;45118:31218;6388;15567;68760;29494;41591;47206:77214;18168:17718

Aquí tenéis el modelo en 3D para todas las razas:

Si necesitáis skin parecidas, en cada objeto podéis mirar en la pestaña “Mismo modelo que”, saliendo alternativas de cada pieza dentro de wowhead.

Ayuda con “Me gusta” si te pareció interesante, y no olvides de suscribirte al canal para estar al tanto de próximos vídeos!



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70. DIY. How to make an Cubot Phone Case Design – Tutorial , Steampunk Polymer, clay


Делаем декоративную накладку на чехол для мобильного телефона
DIY. How to make an Cubot Phone Case Design – Tutorial , Steampunk Polym

Альтернативный Стимпанк это создание арт-обьектов из
нетрадиционных материалов, таких как полимерная глина


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STEAMPUNK meets WW1 BATTLE! Steam Tanks & Repeater Rifles! (Total War Warhammer)


Total War Warhammer Empire Steam Tanks – Steam Punk WW1
More Total War Warhammer Gameplay here:
●Second Gaming Channel:
●Twitch Stream:

Lt. Apollo's Riflemen of the Empire Mod:

That Social Media Though – Instagram for more Adventure!
●Twitch Stream:
●Adventure Channel:
●BaronVonGamez Snapchat: Baronsadventure

Thanks for watching!


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Steampunk Star Wars Costumes How to DIY Tips & Tricks Wondercon 2015


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Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia: The Synthetic Marijuana Steampunk Rock Opera


Hamilton Morris travels to New Zealand to meet the king pin of New Zealand’s legal highs crusading for his fading dream for future of drug control.

Hamilton Morris on the Dangers of the NBOMe Hallucinogen:

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DIY Steampunk Pocket Watch Photo Album Tutorial


Hello Lovelies! Today I wanted to do a sort of His & Hers steampunk-themed DIY for you all. With Valentine's Day less than a month away, I thought it would be a good time to release some cool DIY gift tutorials. Some creative alterations to this tutorial could include actually leaving a functional watch inside and adding a simple picture to the interior of the case or you could add photos to both sides of the pop-out album. I hope you enjoy this video and thank you so much for watching!
If you wish to see the tutorial for the DIY Steampunk Lace Locket Choker, please click the following link:

Social Media
Instagram: average_kim
Twitter: twilight_kim
Tumblr: twilight-kim

Canon EOS Rebel T3


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Steampunk Festival 2014 in Gävle (Sweden)


Me an my mum went to a Steampunk Festival in Gävle. Here are some video and fotos.

I didn't translate what we said, if you would like me to, please tell me and I will fix it (I was lazy and we don't say so much interesting anyway…)

You can find the festivals website here:

My tumblr:
My blogg (it's in swedish):


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® Minecraft Top 3 Builds – Steampunk (Less Than Sixty, Episode 2)


Less Than Sixty : Minecraft Top 3 Builds – Temples (EP1)

Who has the best Steampunk Minecraft build?

Build #1 –—the-waterfall-steam-punk-city-1839032/

Build #2 –—steampunk-fortress—over-20-million-blocks/

Build #3 –

Texture pack:



Less Than Sixty : Minecraft Top 3 Builds – Steampunk (EP2)

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