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Frenchy and the Punk “Steampunk Pixie” Music Video clip


‘Steampunk Pixie' from the Hey Hey Cabaret CD (2012) available on,, and lots of a lot more. (Lyrics Below)
Videography by Frank Siciliano
In association with Hi there Viral Media
Wardrobe by Retroscope Fashions
Music Recorded at Younger Adore Studio, Brooklyn, NY
Extras: The Las Vegas Steampunk Tea Society, BlackHoodieGrrl


Steampunk Pixie

I’m a steampunk pixie on a cabaret phase
I are living in bohemia with bohemian mates
We’re all type of nuts but that’s ok
We have received science and magic in our blood and our brains

Overcome boots, crinoline and lace
My fishnets are torn……I like ‘em that way
I have received bat wings under my pores and skin
They appear out at evening when experience commences

Fly with me to the moon, we’ll try to eat blue cheese with the male in the moon
Carry on with no care in the earth, induce time is our pal & we can fly any place

I’m a steampunk pixie on a cabaret phase
it may possibly feel amusing but I’m wired that way
I would not trade this life for a life of mundane
far too much mischief and fun coming my way

I’m a steampunk gypsy on a cabaret phase
I have received pixie dust in my raven’s cage
brass gadgets place collectively in mischievous strategies
I’m anachronistic, bi-linguistic, not to point out wholly mystic
In the most… spirited way

Fly with me to the moon, we’ll ride in my large scorching air balloon
We’ll glimpse down at the earth from there, Spread our wings and glide superior in the air air air

Fly with me to the moon, we’ll glide in my large scorching air balloon
We’ll glimpse down at the earth from previously mentioned, blow it kisses, send it plenty of really like

I’m a steampunk pixie that’s who I am
I fry my frogs in a brass frying pan
I like men with leather arm bands
And females with wings, velvet corsets and admirers

I’m a steampunk pixie that’s who I am
I go both strategies every time I can
Whether or not by magic or by steam
I’ll get there in model with glitter and gleam

Fly with me to the moon, we’ll ride in my large scorching air balloon
We’ll discover the heavens previously mentioned, make it back again for crumpets, tea and a minimal really like!

Fly with me to the moon, we’ll ride in my large scorching air balloon
We’ll discover the heavens previously mentioned, make it back again for crumpets, tea and a minimal really like, really like, really like….


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Steampunk Combined Media Box-Offered!


*** Website Put up with Supply List: http://little ***
Pay a visit to my site at if you are fascinated in purchasing this one-of-a-form function of artwork!

My website:

Aaron Stephen
Aaron Blazevich
Imperfect Impulses


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Steampunk/Scifi Weapon Tutorial Equipment for Do it yourself Initiatives


This video is for those who are wanting to get into creating steampunk or scifi props working with toy guns. This video has my assortment of equipment that I use to make my props and I will go above where you can locate them and how much they ordinarily cost. Underneath is a listing of all of the props I explained in this video, furthermore a few additional.

warmth gun
painters tape
soldering iron or wood burner kit
laptop screwdriver kit
jewelers pliers set
weighty duty wire cutters
wire strippers
safety mask
E-6000 glue
safety gloves
paint brushes
paint cleaner
rotary instrument kit
weighty duty drill
hobby utility knife
wire rounders
krylow fusion spray paint
paint sealant
denatured liquor
higher temp glue gun
wipe rag
pencil perm marker
utility instrument
painters drop fabric
portray stand
warmth gun
electrical thermometer (checking for humidity for portray outside)


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Minecraft Steampunk City – Let us Construct It! #one [Warehouses]


We're producing an great Steampunk City in Minecraft! We are going to be timelapsing the entire develop and narrating along the way to share the entire developing method with you!
Subsequent EPISODE: out?v=HBrDg…

Wanna enable out? Drop us a comment under with your tips and we could possibly just increase them to the develop and give you a shout out for it!

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Substantial many thanks to Joe for encouraging with the developing!

Music courtesy of Bensound: and Incompetch


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Steampunk Getaway


Season's Greetings! A good online video is in manufacturing, but I hope you get pleasure from the music in its individual right. You could find a free obtain of the MP3, ought to you want for a duplicate, at

Wanting for lyrics? Empower shut captions, or click the transcript icon previously mentioned the description (to the right of “Include to”).


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Creating a steampunk airship gondola – Diy Friday’s – ArtSmith CraftWorks


In this new sequence, Diy Fridays, Dr. Steampunk, Stephan J. Smith particulars measures in producing a one particular-of-a-variety steampunk airship gondola working with repurposed elements.

Artsmith Craftworks

I enjoy tailor made requests, if you have an idea for a project, let's chat!

“When trash meets vision, art takes place!!”
Our modern-day lifestyle creates a regular stream of refuse some is recycled, some is buried in landfills, some sits at the bottom of the ocean. And some, the actually fortunate bits, are re-purposed into new items: items of usefulness, beauty and inspiration. This is what I enjoy to do.

My key curiosity is dimensional art in different forms. I currently concentrate on paper, together with minimize paper sculpture and handcast paper, but with an emphasis on mache. I also have a special enjoy for recycling elements that would have or else long gone into the trash. Several of my papier mache initiatives wind up working with parts and parts of plastic, metal or wooden that came from packaging, production or scrap.

I enjoy tailor made requests, if you have an idea for a project, let's chat!
-Stephan J Smith


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What is Steampunk?


Vacation with us again in time, again to Victorian days when males wore corsets, girls wrote letters and the computers had been steam-driven. What?? Thats right! Steampunk normally takes you again to a earlier that under no circumstances was, and flies you in a dirigible to a future that will under no circumstances be. What is steampunk? Choose a search and obtain out!


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Lampe steampunk Do it yourself


Projet conçu et réalisé par Christophe Sivadier et Paolo Merlhiot.
Une lampe sous licence Imaginative Commons (BY-NC-SA) à construire dans le fablab le moreover proche de chez vous (impression 3D + découpe laser). Les fichiers et recommendations de montage ici :


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Steampunk Lovers Kraken Mug Do it yourself Guideline


Make your personal mug JUST like the 1 in this video by traveling to our website below:

Songs Credits:

Title: “a thousand Ships From The Wind”
Composer: Lionel Schmitt
Style: Epic Sad Songs/ Fight Songs

Monitor Attribution:
Songs utilized: a thousand Ships From The Wind (Significant Orchestral Fantasy With Choir) by Lionel Schmitt
Accredited under Artistic Commons Attribution three.


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Oamaru — The Steampunk Funds of the World


In November 2011 I visited Oamaru, New Zealand, – the Steampunk Funds of the earth. I fell in adore with the city and its persons right away. This is the tale of Steampunk Oamaru.

I would like to thank the subsequent persons and communities – with out you I would have never ever been ready to finish this venture:


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Do-it-yourself Steampunk Turtle!


Hello there and welcome to my channel!! Today I will demonstrate you how to build a steampunk turtle! This will make an excellent reward for fantasy or steampunk admirers!!! I hope you take pleasure in the video clip 🙂

– Minny

Audio Credits:
“Tenebrous Brothers Carnival – Act Two” Kevin MacLeod (
Accredited beneath Inventive Commons: By Attribution three.


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Minecraft Steampunk Floating City Timelapse Build


Obtain Here

Welcome to my Steampunk City!!. I expended a lot of time on this so a like would be appreciated! 😀



Panda Coastline – Dusk
Danny Olson – If I Lose Myself Tonight

Guidance these music artists right here

Panda Coastline pages/Panda-…

Danny Olson

Minecraft floating mountains Terrain (btw many thanks for this):



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Do it yourself: How To Make a Steampunk Miniature Mouse With Polymer Clay


LIKE us on Fb : pages/Labedzki-Artwork/48646610147?
Audio BY : Kevin MacLeod at:


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Bio-mechanical Tattoos


Bio-mechanical tattoos feature futuristic and ultramodern designs of machines and devices, which seem to be underneath a person's skin. It involves a combination of three-dimensional as well as hyper-realism. Since these techniques are pretty advanced, it is not recommended that have your bio-mechanical tattoo done just by a newbie designer. For a great design, it is advisable that you hire a professional tattooist to do the job.

Why hire a Tattoo Designer? Steampunk Tattoo


The questions should be, “why not?” As the name suggests, a tattoo designer is a professional that specializes in the field of inking. Just like hiring a construction worker, you do not want to get a person who is just trying out construction for the first time.

A tattoo designer has the complete package – he has the artistic skills to make a futuristic-looking bio-mechanical tattoo. He has done apprenticeships and has compiled a number of portfolios that chronicle his talents as a designer.

Most importantly, they are knowledgeable about the health risks that come with tattooing. Certified tattoo professionals are very diligent about preventing the spread of infection by following CDC-approved practices for tattooing. They are also proficient with basic first aid and CPR, in the event that something happens in his tattoo parlor.

With these qualifications, there is no reason why you should not hire an expert tattooist to create your bio-mechanical tattoo.

The Start of the Bio-mechanical Revolution

This particular style of tattoo was made famous by Hans Rudolf Giger – the brains behind the futuristic creatures that usually appear in movies, TV shows and comics. With his ultramodern ideas, he managed to inspire many tattoo artists, as well as enthusiasts, to come up with a revolutionary style known as bio-mechanical tattoos.

Types of Bio-mechanical Tattoos

Now that you have chosen a great tattoo designer with much care, it is time for you to take a pick from the many styles of bio-mechanical tats available. The most basic design is that which features black ink, and shows machinery, wires and other intricate devices to make an illusion that a person is a cyborg underneath.

A variation of bio-mechanical tattoos is what most people know as organic tattoos. It is famous for harmonizing natural elements with smooth lines, which characterize bio-mechanics designs. It differs though as it makes use of emotional coloring. It does not feature metals, wire and electronic compositions. Rather, it complements the skin with natural-looking designs. Perhaps the best thing about organic bio-mechanical tattoos is that it makes use of many vibrant colors, so you can have an eye-catching ink design.

Steampunk bio-mechanical tattoos, on the other hand, show plots interlinked with steam devices. The term, which was created by the writer Dzheter in 1987, was a spoof of the term “Cyberpunk.” As the term suggests, this kind of bio-mechanical style shows gadgets associated with steam engines, such as valves, pumps and gears.

There are many styles of bio-mechanical tattoos, so you need seek the help of a professional designer to come up with a unique and modern design that will make others green with envy.

Kristen Dunn is a tattoo enthusiast and professional tattoo designer who has created thousands of thought provoking, elegant, and funky tattoos for her clients. She has a vast collection of custom designs to her credit. Winner of several awards and accolades, Kristen is now a founding member of the world's largest custom tattoo design community at Create MyTattoo. View her tattoo collection here.

Article Source



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Deck Review – Bicycle Silver Steampunk Taking part in Cards [USPCC]


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► Data on the deck –
Bicycle Silver Steampunk Taking part in Cards is kind of the follow up version to their first Steampunk launch. I say kind of simply because the box is the very same as the authentic Theory11 Steampunk Deck, besides the coloring is silver alternatively of copper. The authentic USPCC Steampunk Deck was just a typical tuck box with out all the foil and embossing. It is awesome to see that they are ultimately relocating in a beneficial path when it comes to custom made decks. They(Hopefully) are setting up to grasp the principle that collectors want more than just a typical tuck box with unadventurous artwork that suggests Bicycle on it.

All that currently being said, it seems the only change here is the tuck box. The two images I posted below are in black and white, but they do not appear to clearly show any alteration of the style. Hopefully I am incorrect about this and they did recolor the deck. I guess we will have to hold out and see.

The deck is Air-Cushion Finished with beveled edges and a sandwich development for improved recreation participate in. This deck is scheduled to be launched on December one, 2012.

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Minecraft Xbox 360/A person: New STEAMPUNK Texture Pack Critique!


Very great texture pack. Many thanks for Seeing!

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Los Dangeles!: at?v=BqRbTxkc4jM&listing=PLZ_yQ6l_zdGkglaX61cs_2aOerrcU_lHS&index=1

Depart opinions people!
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Music Utilised:

Music by Approaching Nirvana
Buy the tunes on iTunes: moment/id674040773


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Steampunk Spider Band performs Electrorachnid Soda Pop – Animusic type Animated Tunes Video


Down load Official attractive breathtaking large resolution images for your desktop Wall Paper from this and other songs movies by viewing:

This Tunes is featured on my album: “Wanderlust for the Intellect”
To preview all 14 tracks on this album and/or purchase and download this and other tracks, be sure to visit:

All Jason Ward albums:

The Steampunk Spider Band was conceptualized by Jason Ward and Kelley Ward. The band, together with the Electro Ball Equipment, was then modeled and rigged for animation working with Blender. Right after numerous checks re-checks and modifications the closing scene arrived jointly. It was then rendered working with Blender's built in rendering software by

Electrorachnid Soda Pop is a songs track composed by Jason Ward. This name was selected thanks to the electronic pop audio of the new track and pays homage to Ray Lynch and his vintage electro pop track, “Celestial Soda Pop”.

A exclusive thank you to all those who served and / or encouraged me in the generation of this video together with:

Kelley Ward ~ Spider idea
Ray Lynch ~ For his musical influence on me
Animusic ~ The primary master of animated songs movies
Paweł Adamowicz ~ Tunes animation synchronization script
Blender Foundation ~ Free of charge modeling and rendering software

Be guaranteed to look at my other Animated Tunes Films:
Little Bouncing Objects 2. ~ at?v=lkEgm3W5xIg
Antimatter Raystorm ~ at?v=RxSqOkbiOoY

If you would favor to keep this video for long term use, be sure to take into consideration building a new YouTube Playlist to incorporate this and your other most loved movies to for long term enjoyment, or if you by now have a ideal playlist, merely incorporate this video to it.

Please, I beg of you, DO NOT download, display document, rip, or if not get this video and then add it to your channel. This is a violation of YouTube's copyright plan.

If you would like to use this video and / or songs in entire, or in component, be sure to will not hesitate to call me.


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Steampunk Necklace Tutorial – (Shorter Model)


Hello, all! This is my tremendous shortened steampunk jewelry tutorial. My past steampunk jewelry video clip was about forty nine minutes extended… Ummmm. Just…no! Anyhow, enjoy!
Locate ME Online AT THE One-way links Down below!






Edited with iMovie
Tunes Credit rating: Elysium Extensive – iMovie
Fonts aint mine possibly.


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How to Make an Embellished Light Bulb Terrarium Stand: Do-it-yourself Steampunk Planter


How to make a crafty industrial, Steampunk fashion embellished stand to keep a Do-it-yourself recycled light-weight bulb terrarium for your vegetation.

How to build a Light bulb terrarium (aspect one):

The aluminum foil arts and craft approach I demonstrate in this video clip can also be employed on all varieties of other do it oneself tasks to incorporate fake rivets and give them an exciting embellished floor.

For this garden artwork challenge you are heading to need to have these applications and supplies:

• A light-weight bulb Plant Terrarium (Despite the fact that I advise constructing the foundation prior to planting the bulb.)

• A block of wooden that is a little bit for a longer time and broader than your light-weight bulb and about 3/4th” thick

• 4″ or so of 1/8th” diameter copper wire.

• Aluminum foil

• Scissors

• Black acrylic paint

• Gold metallic paint (I use Lumiere by Jaquard metallic paint.) or Rub and Buff.

• A Paint brush

• Plastic beads, nuts, bolts, screws or other flat very low profile gildings. Test out VLOG#16 for extra embellishment suggestions: out?v=uoyGP-8X5Do

• Tacky glue

• Mod Podge


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