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My Steampunk Song Collection


0:00:00 Paul Shapera – New Albion 1 (from The Dolls of New Albion)
0:03:12 Steam Powered Giraffe – Brass Goggles
0:07:25 Abney Park – The Ballad of Captain Robert
0:10:03 The Cog is Dead – The Copper War
0:13:36 Aurelio Voltaire – The Mechanical Girl
0:17:28 The Clockwork Dolls – The Iron Rose
0:25:11 Abney Park – Airship Pirates
0:29:14 Doctor Steel – Lullaby-bye
0:31:54 The Clockwork Quartet – The Watchmaker's Apprentice
0:37:27 The Melting Clock – Reconstructing Alice
0:40:23 Paul Shapera – Annabel Has a Doll (from The Dolls of New Albion)
0:45:39 Jon Magnificent – Swords for Hire
0:49:21 Steam Powered Giraffe – Airheart
0:54:30 Walid Feghali – Battle in the Sky
0:57:33 Aurelio Voltaire – Robber Baron
1:01:22 Abney Park – Throw Them Overboard
1:04:36 The Cog is Dead – The Inventor's Daughter
1:07:12 Ghostfire – The Last Steampunk Waltz
1:11:04 Jon Magnificent – The Captain
1:14:03 The Melting Clock – God is a Watch
1:16:53 Abney Park – Scupper Shanty
1:19:47 The Cog is Dead – Burn It Down
1:22:59 Abney Park – Herr Drosselmeyer's Doll
1:26:32 Walid Feghali – London, 1856
1:30:06 Doctor Steel – Build the Robots
1:33:08 The Cog is Dead – Savior of the Skies
1:37:06 A Clockwork Wonderland – Through the Aether and Mysterium
1:40:24 Paul Shapera – Edgar Builds a Business (from The Dolls of New Albion)
1:45:54 The Cog is Dead – Dr. Franklyn
1:49:19 Steam Powered Giraffe – Electricity Is In My Soul
1:55:32 The Cog is Dead – The Depths Below
1:58:21 Aurelio Voltaire Industrial Revolution
2:03:30 Caravan Palace – Star Scat
2:07:21 The Cog is Dead – My Metal Boy
2:11:20 Abney Park – Steampunk Revolution


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