A Dodge, a Twist, and a Tobacconist: A Steampunk Literary Tribute Adventure (The Alexander Legacy) (Volume 1)

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Oh, you are a Steampunk fan. You just don't realize it yet. The Alexander Legacy company includes a diverse collection of classic characters on the track of a ruthless enslaver of souls. Prowl the foggy London streets. Encounter a nightmare from an Indian jungle. Go back and forth the Thames in Sluefoot Sue's giant Catfish. Soar on a stealth glider with a Bohemian prince. When Oliver Twist unwraps an Algerian mummy at Charley Bates' funeral, will he discover his true enemy? Or is it all just another “Dodge”? “I'm sorry, but my time is very short just now. I have tried for months to locate you, and have only just today succeeded. The other members of the group I propose to create are en route or are already here. Everyone else has been made aware of my plan. I actually wish to give an explanation for things more clearly to you, and then if you agree, to invite you to attend our first meeting as a formal association the next day. Can I count on you to come, please, and will you hear my plan?” the woman pleaded. “This is crucial thing I've ever done, and I pray God I have chosen the right people. I also pray that the right people will choose to pledge their help.” If ever a woman who had no reason to be desperate still managed to communicate desperation, it was this woman. “Very well,” I nodded. “But the hotel is not so far from here and the weather has been very pleasant. I shall walk. What time do you desire me to appear?” “No, no, you can't walk about London so late. Please. This mail coach will arrive at ten o'clock. Do not be frightened by it, please. It is perfectly secure.” “Frightened by a mail coach?” I used to be once again hesitant. “Why would I be — ?”


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