++Canaloha:)++ Steampunk Retro Death Skull Pirate Red Dragon Pendant Pocket Watch

The watch is located in USA,FAST DELIVERY,free shipping
Precise movement with removable chain
Retro royal crown.Classic skeleton hands


Product Description

Item Characters:
– quartz motion.
– Unfashionable royal crown.
– Classic skeleton hands.
– Removable chain with hook.

Item Specification (approximate):
– Case diameter: 5 cm (2 inch) approx.
– Case thickness: 1.9cm approx (zero. 8 inch), duvet included.
– Case Subject material: copper.
– Chain Period: 34cm approx. (hook included).
– Chain Subject material: copper.

Package contents:
– 1 piece of Pocket Watch
The watch is situated in USA,FAST DELIVERY,free shipping
Actual motion with removable chain
Unfashionable royal crown.Classic skeleton hands
Highest gift for father or husband
Highest gift for mother or girlfriend with 12 months guaranty


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