Cibola’s Promise: A Western Steampunk Adventure

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Product Description

Legends inspire feats beyond imagination. Where good and evil are a matter of perception. Are you brave enough to follow The Marvelous MacHurdyGurdy Traveling Show through gritty mining towns and barren desert on a quest to satisfy their destiny? Discover the promise with a remarkable cast of characters… Miss Chevious Debuts – Come one! Come all! Meet the machination that may be sure to astound each man, woman, child and beast. A technological miracle, curious and charming in her naiveté, but what nefarious purpose lies buried beneath her innocence? Mordecai’s Cart of Miracles – Malevolent forces created Mordecai MacHurdyGurdy, actor, salesman, artist of essentially the most elaborate cons. He seeks retribution and his destiny within the dusty lands of the American West. Nothing will save you what has been promised him. Not even the circle of relatives that has loved him so well. Sybil’s Soliloquy – Among silks and sensuousness, Sybil yearns to be free of her captor’s covetous seize. Cursed by a horrendous affliction, she’s thrust into a war between men, and discovers she is also the important thing to a treasure of incomparable magnitude and salvation to a pair of unlikely champions.


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