The Steampunk Adventurer’s Guide: Contraptions, Creations, and Curiosities Anyone Can Make

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Fascinatingly Fun, Circle of relatives-Friendly Steampunk Projects

“Here’s a Steampunk tale with a call for participation to build Steampunk props. An interactive notion; an imaginative adventure; and a way to further stimulate your own imagination.” — From the Foreword by David Silverman, director and producer of The Simpsons Movie and codirector of Monsters, Inc.

Steampunk stalwart Thomas Willeford cordially invites you on an adventure–one in which you get to build ingenious devices of your own! Lavishly illustrated by award-winning cartoonist Phil Foglio, The Steampunk Adventurer's Guide: Contraptions, Creations, and Curiosities Someone Can Make presents 10 intriguing projects ideal for makers of every age and skill levels, woven into an epic tale of mystery and pursuit.

Follow the exploits of Isaac and Amelia, a brother and sister who will have to devise a series of beguiling gizmos to rescue their uncle from a skyship that's been commandeered by a nefarious villain and his rogue automatons. Every chapter contains an installment of this captivating story together with the step by step instructions and list of tools and materials you'll be able to want to create the featured gadgets.

Discover how to forge these imaginative contraptions:

  • Decoder armguard
  • Signaling periscope
  • Goggles
  • Grappling hook launcher
  • Airship harness
  • Glider wings
  • Rivet gun
  • Power armor
  • Magnetic amplification gauntlet
  • Rocket pack


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