Brian, founder of the 21st Century incarnation of the London Stereoscopic Company (LSC), continues to create 3-D wonders from lockdown.

AND just in time for Christmas, the LSC adds a Steampunk-inspired new dimension to its line of definitive high-quality modern-day 3-D stereoscopic viewers, delivered in a retro bronze flourish.

Brian styled in Steampunk attire will tell you all about his cutting edge, slick invention. If you already have a stereoscopic viewer from the LSC's collection then you can also appreciate this video in glorious 3-D.

And you can order a STEAMPUNK OWL right here

Why SteamPunk ? Brian says “The style of the viewer was inspired by the current Steampunk genre – a fanciful combination of Victorian style and pre-combustion engine technology. Steampunk has been described as how the World would have looked if the Victorians had managed to get into Space, as Jules Verne and H.G. Wells dreamed. Stereoscopy – now known as 3-D – was invented in 1832 by Englishman Charles Wheatstone, and this new instrument, firmly based on the genius of his designs, seemed a perfect opportunity to incorporate steampunk motifs into its appearance. The design also owes a lot to my old friend Chris Dodman at S.B. Westons in Sunbury-upon-Thames, who collaborated on the design of the very first ‘Classic’ folding focussing OWL in 2009. It’s manufactured by my friends in China, Jade Productions, who have also printed our most recent LSC books. The first limited edition Steampunk OWLs arrived today – a introductory limited edition in a special themed cardboard packet. They will be flying out very soon !!!”