ChippyGaming and I participated in a livestream charity stream as part of the Hope from Home event to bring aid to people of need during the pandemic currently going on. I didn’t get to finish the build I had planned to do during the stream, so I worked on it for hours afterwards. Here it is! Thank you everyone who was at the stream, and to anyone who donated to the charity!

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Furniture Cropping Tutorial (for invisible smoke):
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Mods Used:
Cheat Sheet
Max Stacks Plus
Hero’s Mod
Mod Helpers
Extensible Inventory

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Grasshopper – Quincas Moreira
Frustrated – Bad Snacks
Joy Ride – Bad Snacks
Wallflowers – Bad Snacks
A Caring Friend – Bad Snacks
New Moon – Bad Snacks
Summer in the Neighborhood – Bad Snacks
Leveled Up – Bad Snacks
In the Atmosphere – Bad Snacks

8bit Dungeon Boss – Video Classica by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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