DIY decor sometimes couldn't be simpler.

Or more awesome.

Or more used.

We use this every day. It's our Steampunk-inspired toilet paper roll holder. We love it.

We made ours like our DIY Decor Steampunk shelf, which we also love.

All the pipe and parts are black steel gas pipe. It's available in any home center and most hardware stores in the plumbing aisle. Everything we used here is 1/2-inch diameter.

All you need is…

(1) floor flange
(1) 2-inch nipple (yes, they're called that)
(1) elbow
(1) 5-inch nipple
(1) cap
This is even a great project for kids to do.

Screw everything together, then install on the wall. Tip: We like to clean the oily residue the pipe comes with from the store with Simple Green and water. And when we're done, we like to clear coat the piece to prevent rust with some Krylon.

For installing this DIY decor over wood paneling, we like drywall screws. For drywall, try this no-dust tip for using hollow wall anchors. Install vertically or horizontally. Both give a fun look.

DIY decor: Steampunk toilet paper holder