Welcome to another making of video! In this video, I'm making a fun steampunk submersible!

I started with a recycled glass jar and it's lid. I glued on some plastic toy capsule parts to the jar, and covered the jar with DAS Paper Clay. I carved in some paneling and rivet holes while the clay was still wet.

I glued cardboard all around the lid to form the base of the submersible's propeller, and used wooden dowels and cardboard to create a rudder.

Finally, I painted the sub with acrylic craft colors in a patina style paint scheme, and painted the wooden base and dowel a dark brown. I also gave the base a glossy finish by coating it with a glossy version of mod podge.

I use an electric tea light as an interior light source.

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“Captain Scurvy”, “Hidden Agenda”, “Brightly Fancy”, and “Beachfront Celebration”
by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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