so below is element 1 of my steampunk mining / spelunking / caving helmet.
its only bodged alongside one another but i will touch it up someday latter. and that
will be element 2 of the video. i origenally began making this since
i usually wanted the Digger's Helm in Ultimate Fantasy fourteen but it is a suffering in
the ass to get hold of. so i just attempted to build one rather.

it is created from
1930s Aluminium tricky hat (i got a ton of these)
miscellaneous lens from the 20s-40s
heatsink and sheet steel from a fifteen year old PSU
flattened copper sheet
wire from 1968 Zenith file player
battery from excess 18650 cells (wired to be 12v 4ah)
potentiometer and resistor from 1954 electric organ foot pedal.
ten watt LED from ebay (cost me about 3$)

i am going to allow this project sit a bit then in a several weeks will get started element 2.
will insert deal with on prime so i can keep it like a flashlight. will paint or
even build a new shroud. will build a leather battery holder. will
alter the interior circuitry to make it brighter and give much more
brightness manage to the knob.