This demonstrates you how to develop leather-based armbands that look like copper wire on your arms. Simply click ‘Select More' below for created instructions on how to do this.

What You Need to have: Leather lace (copper or brass), scissors, duct tape (any sort)

1. Get a lengthy piece of duct tape and wrap it all-around your upper arm sticky side out, earning confident it is comfortable. Even if it feels a minimal free, wrapping the leather-based lace all-around it will tighten it.
two. Stick the end of the leather-based lace onto the duct tape as shut to the edge as probable. From there, gradually adhere the leather-based lace on and wind up the duct tape to nevertheless lengthy you want it.
3. When it is at the preferred length, reduce off the leather-based lace at a level a minimal farther from the beginning level and adhere the end.
four. Trim off surplus duct tape.
5. Slip the armband on your upper arm to examine the in shape. It should really in shape comfortable on your upper arm but be equipped to slip off when you want it off.