Since the lockdown, we had yet to venture out back into the world to find some cool cars. So what better to start with the insane hot rod build Steampunk Style 1924 Singer Sport called Automatron. This incredible machine was a labour of love for 4 years and built by Paul bacon inside his garage in England.

We travel to north England and spend a few hours taking photos and seeing what it's like to drive on the open road.

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Our vision is to inspire the sub-cultures of the global car community, to become cultural icons.

Our mission is to search the world for inspiring stories from automotive creators and fusing the lifestyle culture.

We believe that by uniting all the automotive cultures from around the world, we can start a positive movement that embraces creativity, passion and difference, which can be adapted to every area of life. – Tony & Carmen Matthews (co-founders)

Our Journey started back in 2006, where we travelled the world in search for the best custom cars to be featured in numerous car magazine. After the decline of printed magazine, we had the idea to create our own digital magazine. We started with Facebook as a platform to curate some of the world’s most incredible builds and then we unleashed our very own digital magazine called SuperFly.

The aim was to create more indepth stories of the cars we photograph around the world and create a monthly digital magazine. It would embrace not only the car and the owners story, but we would bring forth the lifestyles within the culture and feature inspiring car builders/owners from the likes of Jay Leno, Breal of Cypress Hill, Ralph at RMD Garage, to the guy or gal in their garage building a SuperFly project.

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