Steampunk, a genre of science fiction with a historical setting and an obvious preference for machinery and technology, has jumped back into the spotlight. This is because it’s an intense combination of genres – romance, horror, science fiction, fantasy, adventure – and styles – Victorian, Western, Retro, and Futuristic – that caters to a wide audience and offers an interesting way to express creativity and imagination. 

If you’re as interested in Steampunk as I am, are just getting started, or somewhere in between, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a go-to place for all your decorating or costuming needs – Etsy. It’s a global peer-to-peer marketplace that specializes in unique hand-crafted oddities. Therefore, it offers a massive selection of Steampunk pieces from desk-side lamps, accessories, and bags, to expressionistic clothes.


The owner, Lewis Beattie, of ‘TheLittleVintageLamp’ offers this handmade ‘Retro Industrial Rustic Towel Rail’ as one of the items on Etsy that could liven up your bathroom and serve as an interesting conversation starter. $48.19.

In addition, as a peer marketplace, Etsy supports a variety of Steampunk artists and homemade businesses from around the world. These artists want to enhance your Steampunk experience by offering specialized Steampunk products with their own spin. However, they also offer customization options, so that your order turns out exactly as you imagine. This almost guarantees that you will find something, or someone, that shares your Steampunk vision or at least, a portion of it.


 The Etsy artist, Kristin Rad, owner of ‘Kradwear’ offers a variety of leather pieces like this ‘one of a kind ‘Leather Steampunk Corset Top’. $109+.

On Etsy, you can find reasonably-priced yet highly durable oddities that express the different specializations of Steampunk including literature, games, shows, and fashion. Each type showcases an interest in history with an imaginative and fun futuristic twist, like people of the Victorian Era hunting vampires or battling intelligent robots.


The ‘UmbrellaLaboratory’ offers affordable yet very fashionable ‘Victorian Steampunk Goggles’. $19.99.

And, like most stores, Etsy caters to clients that spend over a certain dollar value by promising free-shipping and new and repeat-customer discounts. Therefore, if you are somebody looking for distinctive Steampunk articles for your special Steampunk occasion, party, or even Halloween, the Etsy marketplace is the place to look.

 This characteristic Steampunk Hat by ‘HigginsCreek’ is both handmade and extremely popular on Etsy, with high reviews. $29.95+.

By buying your oddities on Etsy, you are supporting the creativity of artists around the world and fostering the spread of Steampunk. Therefore, if you are searching for Steampunk products to showcase your individuality and enthusiasm for the sub-culture, you should definitely look at Etsy.