How To Make A Mini Top Hat! Mini Top Hat Pattern and Steampunk DIY instructions

Do you want to learn how to make your own mini top hat/ fascinator?
One that looks awesome, instead of……homemade?

Mini top hat pattern here:
Links to products used here:
See my other patterns here:

In this video, I will show you how to take 2 sheets of craft foam and transform them into an incredibly stylish mini top hat.

If you have found this video because you want to make your own mini top hat, I am sure you have already seen a truckload of hats and patterns, all with straight sides, which is great, but I wanted to push the envelope a bit and see if I could bring you something with a bit more aesthetic shape. And thanks to the magic of craft foam once again, here it is.

The great thing with mini top hats, once you have the base shape, depending how you decorate them, they can accessorise a wide variety of fashion styles. Steampunk, Bridal, Circus, Burlesque, Lolita, Goth.

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