The Best Steampunk Movies & anime in my opinion.

As every other channel on youtube loves to cover either Star Wars or Marvel, today I thought I would make a video -focusing on a less well-known genre, Steampunk.

So what is steampunk?

While many associate Steam punk with steam, clockwork, and the colour brown. In a nutshell, steampunk is modern technology powered by steam with the aesthetic of the mid-late 19th-century British Victorian or American wild west. The term was originally coined in the late 1980s and since then has evolved into other genres such as dieselpunk.

List for TL;DW or otherwise known as hemomancer cheat sheet.
Steamboy – anime movie
Hugo – film
The city of lost children – movie
Last Exile – anime series
Mortal Engines – movie
Hellboy 2 The Golden Army -film
Castle in the Sky – anime
20k leagues under the sea – movie

The Amazing sci-fi outro background designed by: Axiom Design

Birocratic – Passage, prismatic, leaving her flowers.
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