This was the super quick outcome of the main part of my Halloween costume for a costume party this year, it was put together in only a few days only using items I had around the house, including an old respirator, welding goggles, clear acrylic sheeting, leds, solder, various metal pieces, switches and wiring, and lots.. and lots.. of hot glue..the battery holders however were bought from radio shack.

Everything is powered by AAA rechargeable batteries.

The gearing was pulled out of a trashed car cd player, and the brackets were cut down to size and aligned to work together.

The paint was Krylon Fusion copper for plastics, though it didnt want to dry on the type of plastic the goggles were made from, automotive clear coat was sprayed over the paint to allow it to be handled with out paint sticking and peeling off.

The blue tubes go from the mask down into the tin box which is held in a utility belt.

Sadly the small round thing in mounted in the front of the goggles was the housing for a laser, but in my rush to get it finished I burned out the laser diode during handing with the soldering iron so much =.