Today I am making STEAMPUNK HEART CLOCHES out of mostly Dollar Tree items. There are a couple IKEA, Amazon and Dollar General things sprinkled in here and there…but really, the only essential non-Dollar Tree items are the Cog and Gear Charm set I got off Amazon. Everything else can be made from DT product.

Items used:
IKEA glass cloche –
Restaurant supply glass espresso saucers
DT glasses
DT glass spice bowls
DT diamond cut tea light holders
DT Heart picks medium (pink and red)
DT Heart picks small (pink and red)
DT acrylic gems
DT glitter (gold and copper)
Party Store Plastic cloche top
Broken tealight base stem
Plumbers nuts – ha ha ha – faucet seats?
Dollar General Lg Heart Foam Picks
Xmas ornament tops
Jewelry making kit –
Steampunk gear charms –
Necklace chain (gold) –
Necklace chain (copper) –
Hot glue
Mod podge