Résumé/Resume :
“Nemo” is a french Steampunk movie inspired by Jules Vernes stories. The movie takes place in an alternative world of the 19th and 20th century.
The main character is a young utopian worker named Hashti Saraï. Despite Lord Greylight's strong protection, the island Governor will try to do everyhting in its power to dismiss the young man and his dangerous revolutionary ideas. As a consequence, Hashti will become a new leader of the oppressed from island Vulcania…
The movie will be filmed in various historical locations of the 13th and 19th century of eastern France : castles of Volkrange, blast furnace of Uckange.
English subtitles will be available.

Directed by :
Nicolas Chattou-Coumbil

Camera, editing and color grading :
Geoffroy Przbylski

Musique/Music :
The Power of One – ScoreStudio (trailer)
Lucas Giorgini (musiques originales du film)

Voice :
Jenny Pietri

Acteurs/Actors :
Marie Zenier
Caroline Hartmann
Thomas Masson
Douyere Julien
Ariane Grimigni
Denis-Charles Herrmann
Denis Morge
Jerome Petit
Jean-Christophe Furgoni
Jérôme Cazaux
Audrey Breton
Jean-Baptiste Printz
Laetitia François
Florence Neefs
Michel Touch
Maxime Patteri

Equipe/Staff :
Solomon Kane
Gilles Becq
Sophie Merlin
Lucille Lefebvre
Tristan Bor
Camille Ducarre
Geoffroy Przbylski
Nicolas Chattou-Coumbil
Apolline Baty

Eté/SUMMER 2016