Welcome to Volvara, a steampunk fantasy castle on a floating island setting – containing, naturally, a roller coaster. This series will focus on making detailed scenery, creating in-game custom objects like roofs & walls, and in the process building ludicrous flying buildings. It takes some inspiration from popular culture steampunk concepts like Laputa, Professor Layton and Bioshock Infinite, but it's mostly a wildcard to go haywire and do whatever I want beside some of my more restricted series.

Also, I'm trying to push the amount of detail further than I've done or seen before, so here's to a strange experiment.

I'm not intent to slap some gears on it to make it steampunk, though. Mostly pipes and engines. And some unrealistically sized machinery elements – most notably the propellors that will hopefully hold up the island. Hence the name Volvara, by the way; based on the Latin word volvere, meaning to rotate.

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Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com