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Custom Military Tailcoats-Regency, Victorian, Steampunk


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We make some of the most awesome tailcoats in the world. The piece in the photos is inspired by tailcoats of the Regency period, but is cut from a modern wool gabardine fabricthe sort of material that a modern military dress uniform is made from. The result is a piece that is lightweight & highly breathable, while still being durable & wrinkle resistant. As with most of our pieces, we draw on the rich history of menswear while trying to create something that is exciting & modern. This style features copper buttons that are sewn in sets of two & tails that fold across the back to display the white facings underneath. – All of our tailcoats are customSo just let us know what you might like & we can design something for you. For about $100 we can also add a “muslin fitting”-For this we mail you a cotton mock-up of the tailcoat & have you send feedback & digital pics. That way we can revise the fit & look to be perfect on you. (With or without a muslin, the fit is guaranteed). Thousands of fabrics are always available for our tailcoats. – We can make a tailcoat in any style. From steampunk, to Regency, to stunning white tie. Contact us with the details that you would like before or after you order. This price includes most looks in all sizes with patterns made to fit your body type. See some of our tailcoats in action on our blog: Custom Military Tailcoats-Regency, Victorian, Steampunk

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