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Garnet Steampunk Band


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DESIGN DETAILS: The Steampunk Design Series came together after a night of restless sleep filled with atypical images of an industrial futuristic environment. When I woke up to design, I began welding together metal scraps left over from my design process to match some of the images from my dreams. The outcome, unique jewelry items that not only emphasize the value of recycling & reuse in jewelry-making, but present a unique industrial aesthetic. Each item in this series is literally like no other since each employs a unique variety of metal scrap pieces available at the time of its creation. The Garnet Steampunk Band is handcrafted using recycled silver & bronze metal scraps. Each piece is soldered to the next, one at a time to create its unique look. The band is decorated with two small garnets (2pts, set in 14K gold settings) & one small flower with a 1.5pt diamond in the center. SIZING: This design is available in all sizes, a small additional charge applies to sizes above 8. Check out the specific size for more details. CUSTOMIZATION: This design is available with different gemstones as well as entirely in gold or platinum. Please inquire with me via etsy conversation for more details if you wish to customize your order in this way. Garnet Steampunk Band

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