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Hamilton Pinstripe 5 Pairs Wedding Set Cufflinks Steampunk Cufflink Ruby Jewel Watch Cuff Links Groom Groomsmen Gift – Jewelry By Edmdesigns


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Mens HAMILTON PINSTRIPE Luxury Cufflinks, WEDDING COLLECTION of 5 Matching Pairs , 5 pairs Groomsmen HAMILTON PINSTRIPE Cufflinks Set, Steampunk Cufflinks – Mens Watch Cufflinks, Groomsmen Gift, 5 Five Pairs Wedding Set Vintage Matched HAMILTON Ruby Jeweled Watch Cuff Links GROOMSMEN Gift Fully SOLDERED – GORGEOUS Wedding Cufflinks Set – Luxury Jewelry edmdesigns ~~~ Shop Home Page: ~~~~ UNIQUE DESIGNS in STEAMPUNK INDUSTRIAL JEWELRY THANK YOU For Making Us NUMBER ONE in Steampunk Cufflinks !! This is a GIANT THANK YOU to all of our friends & customers for making the edmdesigns Etsy shop the NO. 1 RETURN ON GOOGLE for Steampunk Cufflinks! edmdesigns has sold literally thousands of pairs of gorgeous Steampunk Cufflinks worldwide, reaching the farthest corners of the globe. Unlike many hobbyists gluing pieces together at their kitchen table, edmdesigns is dedicated to the professional Torch Soldered craftsmanship as well as the highest quality goods & the professional materials it takes to be number one. There will always be those who manage to scrape a few watch movements together & call themselves a jeweler. edmdesigns has sold THOUSANDS of pairs of cufflinks over the last four & a half years & always sources the most pristine & exquisite timepieces available anywhere & delivers them with the quality that our buyers have come to trust. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a truly amazing matched set of five (5) pairs of Hamilton pinstripe genuine ruby jeweled watch movement Steampunk cufflinks. This is an ideal 5 pair package for the groom & his groomsmen – a stunning token of appreciation for making your wedding day extra special. It is also a great package discount for anyone looking for some exquisite gifts for friends & family, or even a fantastic “Thank You” for those at work who go above & beyond the call & deserve a little something extra. Take a moment to check out the striking pinstripe pattern that adorns these watch mechanisms, as well as the rich ruby jewels & tiny gold & silver gears & cogs. Hamilton stands out as a premier watch manufacturer, & here you can truly see how this reputation came to fruition. Some may have to struggle to scrape together all of the gorgeous mechanisms required to produce this large set, but rest assured, edmdesigns continues to bring you movements from the finest brands & deliver them in exquisite gleaming condition. If you require multiple sets, please don't hesitate to ask. PLEASE TAKE SPECIAL NOTE: All of our cufflinks are professionally TORCH SOLDERED, meaning that these watch mechanisms are bonded with molten metal – there is no other Torch Soldering process. Any so called two part process refers to Epoxy (a variation of glue), & those who don't even mention their method simply use glue. Don't suffer the embarrassment & allow the success of your special gift become undermined by cufflinks that fall apart when you least expect it (take a

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