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Mens Cufflinks Paul Breguette Rare Gold Watch Cuff Links Wedding Anniversary Groom, Fiancee – Jewelry By Edmdesigns


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Mens Cufflinks PAUL BREGUETTE Cufflinks RARE Gold Watch Cuff Links Wedding Anniversary Groom, Fiancee Cufflinks – Jewelry by edmdesign Gold PAUL BREGUETTE, Ultra RARE LUxURY Steampunk Cufflinks, PAUL BREGUETTE Art Deco Gold Men's Cuff Links, Steampunk Jewelry, Steampunk Watch Cufflinks, Vintage Ruby Jeweled Watch Cuff Links – Very RARE & Breathtaking with Gorgeous Pinstripes – Incredibly Striking – Ideal for Weddings, Anniversaries, Groom, Groomsmen, Best Man, Engagement or Fathers Day Gift, Holiday Gift, Valentine Gift For Men, Fiancee Cufflinks, LUxURY Cufflinks for Men – BEYOND STUNNING – The Finest in Quality – Luxury Jewelry by edmdesigns ~~~ Shop Home Page: ~~~~ UNIQUE DESIGNS in STEAMPUNK INDUSTRIAL JEWELRY THANK YOU For Making Us NUMBER ONE in Steampunk Cufflinks !! This is a GIANT THANK YOU to all of our friends & customers for making the edmdesigns Etsy shop the NO. 1 RETURN ON GOOGLE for Steampunk Cufflinks! edmdesigns has sold literally thousands of pairs of gorgeous Steampunk Cufflinks worldwide, reaching the farthest corners of the globe. Unlike many hobbyists gluing pieces together at their kitchen table, edmdesigns is dedicated to the professional craftsmanship, the highest quality goods & the professional materials it takes to be number one. There will always be those who manage to scrape a few watch movements together & call them a pair. edmdesigns sources the most pristine & exquisite timepieces available anywhere & delivers them with the quality that our buyers have come to trust. FULLY TORCH SOLDERED TO LAST ALWAYS – Don't Settle For Less in Quality ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a truly amazing opportunity to own a pair of exquisite Swiss, (17) seventeen ruby jeweled PAUL BREGUETTE watch mechanisms hand upcycled into these Steampunk cufflinks. Paul Breguette was a division of the Ebel Watch Company, which to this day rests at the very apex of fine luxury watches. Paul Breguette was the name of the American arm of the Ebel company until the Ebel name itself became well recognized in the U.S. & the Paul Breguette moniker was retired. Ebel watches of this caliber currently range from $10,000 – $40,000 & beyond. The design & construction of these timepieces is second to none. Please note the Art Deco motif of the segments, finely inlaid rubies nestled within matching champagne gold settings, as well as the expertly crafted balance wheels & the extremely pleasing shape & dimensions. The gold tipped wheel balance still moves freely with a flick of your finger. Note – These Paul Breguette cufflinks are fully HALLMARKED & SIGNED – deeply etched next to the ruby jewels . Each timepiece is numerically serialized & on file in the company's records & to dealers who trade & repair these antique Deco period watch movements. Each piece is artisan hand crafted using dozens & dozens of tiny watch gears, springs, cogs, bearings, coils & plates, while working with the

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