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Skull Steampunk Keychain – Handmade


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Skull SteamPunk Keychain This one of a kind Skull SteamPunk Keychain is a unique, handmade masterpiece. Each Skull Keychain is hand crafted with the highest quality materials. MY EPOxY RESIN CAST SKULL PROCESS: High quality 2 part resin is mixed together & poured into a skull mold (along with custom items) & placed under pressure for 24 hours to reduce bubbles & cure. The resin skull is then removed from the mold. Next the molded skull is hand sanded & hand coated with a final coat of high quality 2 part resin. Finally the skull is left to cure for an additional 48 hours. The entire process takes approximately 5-7 days. This produces the highest quality resin skull with a crystal clear, glossy finish. PERFECT FOR: Keychain skull lovers Oddities skull lovers Halloween skull lovers Mini Skull lovers Skull lovers gift Skull lovers birthday gift Disclaimer: Each resin skull is unique & may contain minimal bubbles or imperfections. Skull Steampunk Keychain – Handmade

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