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steampunk Bracelet Antique 1770S Hand Carved Gold Pocket Watch Fusee Balance Jade Womens Anniversary Girlfriend Gift – Jewelry By Edmdesigns


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Steampunk Bracelet Antique 1770s Hand Carved Gold Pocket Watch Fusee Balance Jade Women's Wedding Anniversary Brides, Girlfriend Bracelet Gift – Jewelry by edmdesigns Steampunk Women's Bracelet – Antique Circa 1770's Hand Carved Gold Fusee Pocket Watch Balance Cock – GORGEOUS BRASS ROPE CHAIN with Faux JADE GERMAN GLASS ACCENTS – STUNNING Design by ORIGINAL CREATOR Ideal for Weddings, Anniversary Gift, Pocket Watch Fusee Gold Pendant, Women Luxury Pocket Watch Necklace, Mother's Day, Girlfriend Jewelry, Best Friend Gift, Graduation Gift, Fiancee Jewelry, ANY Occasion Gift – GORGEOUS & UNIQUE GIFT – One of a Kind Handmade Necklace, Steampunk Fashion at its Finest – Steampunk Luxury Jewelry by edmdesigns – Steampunk Jewelry by edmdesigns Steampunk Jewelry by edmdesigns Home Page: UNIQUE DESIGNS in STEAMPUNK JEWELRY Though I've offered this design on my private website for many years, I am disheartened to see that others have decided to replicate the design, so I have made it available here on Etsy as well. Please enjoy the beauty & reading the history of this wonderful & completely original bracelet… This is a very incredible & utterly unique Steampunk bracelet. This bracelet incorporates an extremely old, hand carved pocket watch part known as the balance cock. This particular balance cock come from a pocket watch that was made by hand in the mid to late 1700's. This style of pocket watch was known at the time as a “bell repeater” – the pocket watch contained a bell & the bell would chime on the hour & on each quarter hour with a loud, clear & very pleasing tone. These pocket watches were quite large & they also had to be designed so the sound could escape the case, therefore the metal case would be punched clean through, or pierced, usually with an elaborate carving of leaves, flowers, intricate scenes or other similar hand carved decorations. The most elaborate work was reserved for the balance cock, which was situated prominently in the center of the pocket watch. The carvings on the balance cock often incorporated more intricate scenes in miniature as well as faces (including the one offered here), demons or animal faces – Each is uniquely different in the carvings & some details, but all are uniquely handmade by artisans some 250+ years ago – (yours will be a One of a Kind, as no two are alike) nearly identical to whats shown. The second-to-last photo on this page is an example of such a pocket watch with this style of balance cock. Pocket watches of this style currently sell to collectors for $10,000 & up. +++ ALSO, please note that the MATCHING NECKLACE is also available for sale. The last photo shows both pieces together. Click the following link to view the necklace listing: It should be noted that these watches were very much a luxury in this era & would have been reserved almost exclusively for royalty or noblemen, certainly those with substantial means in a time

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