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steampunk Cuff Bracelet Vintage Grunged Pocket Watch Distressed Adjustable Band Spider Gears Burning Man – Jewelry By Edmdesigns


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Steampunk Jewelry Cuff – Vintage GRUNGED Ornate Etched Pocket Watch SOLDERED on Blackened FULLY Adjustable Band, Post Apocalyptic Large SPIDER Cuff, Floral Gears – Steampunk Cuff for Men or Women, Rocker, Biker, Punk, Burning Man Cuff Jewelry – STATEMENT CUFF JEWELRYSteampunk Jewelry by edmdesigns ~~~ Shop Home Page: ~~~~ UNIQUE DESIGNS in STEAMPUNK INDUSTRIAL JEWELRY Thank you for taking a moment to check out this truly spectacular Steampunk cuff bracelet. This creation features a 21 jeweled antique pocket watch that is aged to a golden, champagne brass with an overlay of patina adding a “grunged” effect. This pocket watch dates back roughly to early 1900's & to see that all the flourished etchings still in such magnificent condition is amazing. Someone took good care of this exceptional timepiece. You can note the three different scripts still in tact, reading Serial number 637421, six positions, 21 ruby jewels around the perimeter of this beautiful pocket watch design. If you tilt it a bit from various angles you will see all the gears, springs, cups, multiple tiers of components still set within that would have it run if it were still functional. Imagine peeking into a miniature mechanical world. I have added a detailed, dimensional brass spider stamping that is perched on the timepiece…nearby is a textured petal-mechanical floral accent & watch gear in it center. The pocket watch is TORCH SOLDERED to a solid brass cuff made of solid steel that has been hand blackened to a gunmetal finish adding to the Post Apocalyptic Nihilist intended effect of the band. You can open & re-squeeze it to death – its absolutely solid & can take it. The soldering is extra strong on this band because of the size of the pocket watch in relationship to the cuff's width & this baby feels great on & is perfect! This is the most rock-solid craftsmanship & will provide a lifetime of enjoyment – you can even pass it down in the future to someone special. The cuff measures approximately 6.5 – 7 inches & can be easily adjusted larger or smaller. This is a fantastic cuff with plenty of sophistication & truly depicts STEAMPUNK replete with its highly detailed etched details. You will absolutely love wearing this everywhere you go. A unique design for the real Steampunker out there & perfect for both men or women. Grab this piece before it's gone. edmdesigns first introduced cuff bracelets to the world of Steampunk fashion over FOUR years ago, including the wild design shown in the second to last photo from the contents pages of “Steampunk Style Jewelry”, the exquisite & current number one selling book on crafting & jewelry by Jean Campbell back in 2007 & published in 2008. Please take a moment to check out some similar designs that we've introduced here on Etsy in the past:

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