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steampunk Cuff Industrial Brown Leather Feathers Mesh Heart Victorian Love Birds Spigot Punk Gears – Clothing By Edmdesigns


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Steampunk Cuff – Industrial Wrist Cuff – BROWN LEATHER Chocolate Brown & White Feathers COPPER MESH HEART with VINTAGE LOVE BIRDS ANTIQUE FAUCET HANDLE Brass Gears Dangle Accent – INCREDIBLE WEARABLE ART Exclusively by edmdesigns & 1/2 Street Studio “Steampunk Wearable Art – Textile Cuffs with Focus” edmdesigns & 1/2 Street Studio are proud to showcase an all NEW CONCEPT & APPROACH in the realm of Steampunk, Industrial, Gothic & “Over The Top/Cutting Edge” wearable art. Spectacular one of a kind creations using textiles, fibers arts, 3D mixed media, embellishments, artifacts & jewelry designing – bringing you incredible artful wrist cuffs, truly like no other – anywhere. Base of Cuff: This cuff is founded on a thick, tough black cotton cloth onto which is layered a satiny striped fabric that shows at the edges of this piece. Running across the length of the cuff is a camel colored cotton twill with fringed edges onto which is anchored a radical cut of textured brown leather. in the center is a subtle backdrop of gray mesh that is over layered with a deep chocolatey brown feathers with creamy white edges. The brown leather also serves to secure a brown vintage button & an elastic closure at the other end. All of this, of course, is just a prelude to all of the other wonderful details this cuff has to offer… Specs: Band: 8 1/2″ long by 6″ wide. Adjustable to fit all sizes. Focals & Details: This cuff has the distinction of being one of just three cuffs with an incredible hand sculpted copper mesh heart serving as the focal for this amazing work of art. This cuff does NOT just have a piece of copper mesh cut into the shape of a heart, but has copper mesh folded & sculpted into an outrageous 3D sculpture. There is nothing else like this anywhere in the world, from any jewelry house or fashion designer. You are among the few who are seeing an entirely new form of art & fashion being created by hand & offered to anyone & everyone with an eye for both. This 3D mesh heart is further embellished with wire coils that are entangled with a pair of vintage brass love birds – an original vintage stamping, NOT some reproduction from China or even a domestic repro – this is the REAL DEAL. There are no shortcuts or cut corners in the creation of these pieces of wearable art. Everything is created from quality originals. Next to the lovebirds is a vintage faucet handle that has an extremely cool brass cuckoo clock gear mounted in the center – this gear has a striking center gear that protrudes from the center. As the wire coils wind their way down to the base of the heart, a jump ring attaches a small clear dangle that is embedded with gears & watch hands & cogs & parts. Everything about this wrist cuff is truly awesome. Don't miss this piece of artwork – someone someday will ask you where you got it & offer you the world… Make this one yours. GREAT as a gift idea. As with all our wrist cuffs, there are just SO MANY details is in this creation – enjoy them

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