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steampunk Hat, Mini Top Aviator Costume, Fascinator, Wedding, Headband Aristocrat Hat, Whimsical Cosplay


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Steampunk Mini Top Hat, Mini Top Hat, Mad Hatter Hat, Steampunk Fascinator, Steampunk Wedding, Headband Hat, Mini Hat, Gothic Lolita, Party ANY outfit looks good with a mini topper, whether you're a Steampunk Adventurer, Mad Hatter, Victorian Bride, Gothic Goddess, Burlesque Dancer, Rockabilly Chick or you're simply looking for something to top off that extra special party, race day or wedding outfit. This design is called ‘Par Avion' which I've covered a striking cotton print fabric, depicting postal stamps, script & telegram stamps, then edged the brim with luxurious satin bias binding. I've trimmed & decorated the hat with a mix of with a mix of hand gathered satin & grossgrain ribbons & bows, chiffon ruffle & vintage brocade braiding. To top it off, I've added some laser cut gears & cogs, brass charms & a tiny wooden biplane!! MY HAT MEASUREMENTS & SIZES Mini measures 4″ high by 6.5″ x 7″ wide at the brim base. All my hat designs can be made in larger & smaller sizes, please just send me a convo to discuss your preferences. HOW TO WEAR YOUR HAT The hat brim is slightly curved, for that perfect ‘jaunty angle' when worn. Just look at my profile picture as an example, although you can of course wear it to the left or right, slightly further forward/back to suit you. My hats are made just like a full sized top hat, meaning the crown is ‘open' & will cup your head. Apparently, some makers hats have a flat ‘closed' brim, so they wobble about when they're being worn… hmmmm, not a good look. My hats come with three hidden loops beneath the brim, giving you the option to wear a hat elastic (provided), headband, comb, pins or clips, or any combination to suit. Some people find hat elastics uncomfortable, feeling pressure on the forehead, but with my loop system, you can choose the most comfortable & secure fit for you! The hat elastic provided is worn BEHIND the head, which you can hide under your hair, although kids often prefer to wear it under the chin. If you have fine or short hair, you might like to wear an extra grip in the back loop for added security. Some customers also like to wear a couple of bobby pins to the sides if they have ‘slippy' hair. Obviously, the larger or more heavily trimmed the hat is, the more ‘fixings' you might like to use to keep it in place. If you're new to miniature hat wearing, or purchasing for a child, I tend to recommend my 3″ micro top hats as a great introduction to wearing mini hats as they're so light & compact! MY GUARANTEE TO YOU All my top hats are lovingly handmade, from start to finish by me, from cutting out the individual pattern pieces by hand, right through to the final decoration. Based on authentic ‘flat pattern' techniques, I've developed to my own construction process, using genuine milliners buckram (you won't find any cardboard in my hats!!), then fully lined inside the crown. I use a fabulous range of stunning fabrics to cover my hats, steam pressed

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