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steampunk Jewelry Mens Ring Vintage Hamilton Pinstripe Watch Wedding Fathers Groom Boyfriend Gift For Men – By Edmdesigns


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Steampunk Jewelry Mens Steampunk Ring Vintage HAMILTON Pinstripe Watch Wedding Fathers Groom Boyfriend Gift For Men – Jewelry by edmdesigns Steampunk Ring, Mens Steampunk Ring – Vintage Torch SOLDERED HAMILTON RUBY Jeweled Pinstripe Unisex Adjustable Silver Filigree Ring – Stunning RARE Round Pinstripe Movement, Ideal for Weddings, Engagement, Birthday, Anniversary, Groom, Groomsmen, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Mothers Watch Ring, Graduation Ring, Promotion Ring, VIP Corporate Gift, Holiday Gift For Him, Mens Jewelry Ring, Holiday Gift For Her, Men's Jewelry Gift, Boyfriend Ring, Girlfriend Ring. Mens or Womens Fiancee Ring – SLEEK, CHIC & SO SOPHISTICATED – EYE CATCHING LUxURY Designer Round Pinstripe Watch Ring – DON'T MISS This When You're looking for that SPECIAL Gift for Him or Her – Luxury Jewelry for Men & Women, Handmade in NYC – Steampunk Jewelry by edmdesigns UNIQUE DESIGNS in STEAMPUNK INDUSTRIAL JEWELRY Steampunk Jewelry by edmdesigns Home Page: This is a very classic style men's or women's style silver watch mechanism ring. This ring is comprised of an SPECTACULAR HAMILTON Watch Company FINELY PINSTRIPED round watch movement with gorgeous BOLD, GENUINE ruby jewels that are nestled in a gleaming silver surface. The timepiece has an incredible pinstripe finish & bold gold gears as well as vintage solid brass gears & wheels – a testament to the incredible craftsmanship that make HAMILTON Watch Company one of the finest watch manufacturers in the world & their line of watches are VERY highly sought after & what makes this piece a visual delight to behold. When you wear it you will catch yourself looking at it again & again…Oh, so will everyone else that even catches a glimpse of it – from across the room or standing nearby its just THAT GORGEOUS & SO SOPHISTICATE, CHIC & ELEGANT. I have to admit, among ALL the designer brands I have to offer & those really RARE Luxury timepieces, HAMILTON remains one of my all time favorites. You can see why, I'm sure. I made this ring for myself & a few other close friends & family. They STILL thank me for it years & years later – treat it like you would fine silver jewelry because it is. (keep out of water to prevent the brass gears & steel wheels, plates – polish with soft cloth to keep it looking strikingly sharp & shiny for years.) Oh, just so you know, my OWN ring of this exact ring has an Blue Capri (blue with a sheen) Swarovski crystal on it – if YOU want to add any color birthstone, please contact me & I can add any color in the monthly birthstone/anniversary, etc colors to make the ring even more personalized – ALL 12 months colors are available – No additional charge for the customization. The movement is TORCH SOLDERED to a medium 3mm thick (that's very solid) Sterling silver plated, adjustable, hand-turned filigree ring base. The watch movement measures approximately between 7/8″ & 1 inch in diameter & the ring base is currently sized to an 8-9 where the

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