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steampunk Model Car Sculpture – Automobile Metal Vehicle


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Inspiration can strike in the oddest of ways. Sometimes, a faucet looks like a car. We're proud to present our steampunk car sculpture, which we've started referring to as our “Model PV”. With plumbing parts as our muse, our steampunk car has taken shape. Our steampunk automobile sculpture has a faucet base, the handle serving as the steering wheel, & stands 3.5 inches tall, atop of four fixed gear wheels. Measuring about 4 inches long, & 2.25 inches wide, a whistle makes for the perfect drivers seat. Vintage brass horns serve as the headlights & tail pipes for this piece, while a screen acts as the car's grill. A small hand carved license plate hangs from the cars seat, adding another detail to our steampunk car sculpture. Perfect for any mantle piece, coffee table, or shelf, our steampunk car is a great addition to any steampunk collection! “A dream without ambition is like a car without gas… you're not going anywhere. ” -Sean Hampton Check out more of our Steampunk Home Decor here:§ion_id=19633245 Have a question? Feel free to contact us! steampunk Model Car Sculpture – Automobile Metal Vehicle

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