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Steampunk Makeup I designed these in mind so they can be added a little further away from the eye, as eyes need protecting. Have fun with your makeup you can join the design with eyeshadow & eyeliners. You can really add your own creative flare with these tattoos. I used “Urban Decay” Comes with extra tattoos so you practice the application first. Its recommended to remove the facial tattoos after your party so your skin can breath, & repair during sleep, this is why we remove makeup at night 😉 If you have really sensitive skin then I'd avoid facial tattoos. All my art tattoos are designed by me & handmade by me too from my home, each piece is hand cut & packed in super cute packaging. & are not mass produced like you. You will get detailed instructions & links on: • How to apply tattoos • How to apply facial tattoo with your makeup • Temporary Removal • How to prolong the life of your tattoo • Must have make up tips & why. Art has been reversed Laser Print Cut by hand FREE mini fun tattoo with each order Tattoos last 2-3days & can last longer if looked after. More on whats happening, latest art, competitions, offers & more follow @lunarianart on Instagram. – Application 1. When choosing a place to apply your tattoo, choose an area that is FREE of body hair if not then shave the area first. Wash the area & dry thoroughly so its clean from chemicals. Skin should be dry when the temporary tattoo is applied. 2. Make sure your hands are not wet. Remove the second side of the adhesive sheet backing making sure not to tough tattoo. Apply the tattoo to your skin & press firmly for 20 seconds. 3. Wet the back of the release liner with a wet/damp sponge (make sure its not dripping) press & hold for 60 seconds. When the paper is wet through you will see the tattoo image, then release the liner gently to reveal your tattoo. (If the tattoo starts to lift,at the edges leave for further 20 seconds) 4. Release the liner GENTLY to reveal your tattoo. 5. The tattoo will be slightly tacky to the touch. So let it dry for 2-3 minutes the longer you leave it the better as the tattoo settling into your skin. 6. If tacky after 2-3 minutes apply some translucent powder with a blusher brush, gently brush over the tattoo till its not tacky any more. This will also prevent lint from sticking to your tattoo. 7. The first day is most important, as the tattoo is settling into the skin so be extra careful. 8. My tattoos are not waterproof, they are made with an adhesive that help them attach to the skin. (When you shower try not to get the tattoo wet if you have not sealed it with Nexcare.) FQA Below Tattoos are printed with a Laser printer & I use Eco friendly ink. Each tattoo is extremely realistic & detailed. When applied the adhesive creates a rubbery second-skin that mimics the look of your own skin. Warnings. When dealing with any adhesives that may come in contact with the skin, allergic reactions may occur. Octavia's Tattoos temporary tattoos are comprised

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