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steampunk Textile Cuff Glamour Wrist Gold Crown Skull Gears Chains Wood Feathers Wedding Rocker Punk – Clothing By Edmdesigns


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Steampunk Textile Cuff – Steampunk Clothing by edmdesigns – “Steampunk Wearable Art – Textile Cuffs with Focus” edmdesigns & 1/2 Street Studio are proud to showcase an all NEW CONCEPT & APPROACH in the realm of Steampunk, Industrial, Gothic & “Over The Top/Cutting Edge” wearable art. Spectacular one of a kind creations using textiles, fibers arts, 3D mixed media, embellishments, artifacts & jewelry designing – bringing you incredible artful wrist cuffs, truly like no other – anywhere. Please take a moment to read our Profile page to learn more about the collaboration of what is already said to be the most unique & avant-garde cuff accessories in the world of high fashion STATEMENT designs & conceptually progressive wearable art. Base of Cuff: The foundation of this cuff is a soft & thick piece of ivory fabric over which is an incredibly striking piece of striped cotton with a satiny finish on one side. The cotton is stitched with plenty of ruffles so the cuff has an exquisite flare at the wrist. Running down the center of the striped fabric is a piece of black satin that is also stitched in with plenty of ruffles & has fringed edges. in the center are two short pieces of ribbed black fabric with the ends cut on an angle with a little fringe, giving the appearance of the ends of a bow. On one end of the cuff is a piece of thick black velvet that tuck under the other end when the cuff is worn & provides a lush, soft, black backdrop beneath the closure when it is hooked over the button when worn. Focals & Details: Just how cool is this incredible design? in the center is a LARGE brass crown with an aged gold finish. This piece has fantastic details & adds a regal element to the overall look that compliments the silver skull & bones that are mounted on top of it. There is also a plethora of very cool brass clock gears of various sizes & shapes – several of these gears have parts mounted in the center, including a pocket watch winding stem crown & other gears & thingamajigs… Framing the gears & skull are two cherry colored wood knobs each with a shiny silver pocket watch winding stem crown mounted on top. These knobs have actually been drilled & hand stitched to the cuff, so they are strong & secure. A length of THICK gold chain links the two cherry wood knobs together & hangs beneath the center sculpture. & if you look closely, several silver hand hammered wire scrolls wind in & out of the gears & skull & bones to further vary the gold & silver themes. As a final touch, a feather with black, white & bright red coloring adds a sprig of eye-popping color to the overall creation. And, of course, a large black button is sewn on one end to serve as the closure for the elastic band on the opposite end. This is such a jaw-dropping creation I can't imagine going anywhere without people stopping to inquire about its amazing looks & origins. Place your hand inside this beauty & let everyone know you are a trend setter, not a trend

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