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steampunk Textile Cuff Industrial Genuine Beetle Copper Wire Mesh Gold Filigree Number Tape Rocker Punk – Clothing By Edmdesigns


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Steampunk Cuff – Steampunk Clothing by edmdesigns – “Steampunk Wearable Art – Textile Cuffs with Focus” edmdesigns & 1/2 Street Studio are proud to showcase an all NEW CONCEPT & APPROACH in the realm of Steampunk, Industrial, Gothic & “Over The Top/Cutting Edge” wearable art. Spectacular one of a kind creations using textiles, fibers arts, 3D mixed media, embellishments, artifacts & jewelry designing – bringing you incredible artful wrist cuffs, truly like no other – anywhere. Please take a moment to read our Profile page to learn more about the collaboration of what is already said to be the most unique & avant-garde cuff accessories in the world of high fashion STATEMENT designs & conceptually progressive wearable art. Base of Cuff: This armband uses a soft, thick cotton twill base with hand-dyed coloration. The edges are fringed for effect. A layer of textured brown leather tops the cotton twill, though much of its texture is softened by a layer of scrumptious black velvet that has lots of “don't mess with me” stitching throughout. in the center is a prominent piece of copper mesh with a field of camel colored velvet in its center. One end of the cuff features an incredibly cooooool Victorian brass button with a deep set 3D design – the kind of button that get little old ladies in the throws of an all out smack-down. Won't you feel satisfied when you wrap the opposing elastic band around it each time you put this on… Focals & Details: Some of those little old ladies might lose a bit of their enthusiasm when they see a big, genuine beetle specimen staring at them from a tomb of solid resin, because that's what they're going to find. Resting atop the field of camel colored velvet is a large ornate piece of gold filigree. Mounted to the filigree is a small strip of vintage metal measuring tape. & just beneath that is a rather large & conspicuous Asian BEETLE. This beetle is big – legs to pincers it measures about 1-3/4 inches long & graces us with rich, burgundy colored wings. The pincers are silvery & have a definite metallic look. This is one cool bug. Altogether this is just an amazing presentation & a cuff that will have people talking for days on end. Grab it & make it yours… Specs: Band: approx 9″ wide x 4 1/2″ in height its a real keeper! This cuff easily accommodates much larger sizes. If a smaller size is desired, please send us a message so the closure can be modified to your specifications. Freeform Steampunk fiber arts with a drop dead look. Make this one yours. Just look at the close-ups of these magnificent creations…they say it all – this is exceptionally gorgeous artwork like you've never known. If you're looking for some serious Steampunk that is unlike anything in existence – & love having the latest in fashion – you want to start collecting these pieces. GORGEOUS GIF IDEA – Start with yourself! LAST Photo shows just a glimpse of some of our other Eco Brass & Metals Steampunk, Victorian cuffs that

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