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steampunk Textile Cuff Mens Industrial Tan Leather Beetle Gears Vial Elgin Watch Brass Coils Mesh – Clothing By Edmdesigns


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Steampunk Textile Cuff – Industrial Wrist CUFF – WILD Textile Wrist Cuff TAN LEATHER Encased Genuine BEETLE Gears, Absinthe Green Stained Vial, Elgin Watch, Brass Numbered Tag, Coils, Mesh & SO MUCH MORE, Mens Cuff, Rocker, Biker, Punk Cuff – MUST SEE- Steampunk Clothing by edmdesigns You can View ALL our Steampunk & Industrial Textile Wrist Cuffs: Shop Home Page: “Steampunk Wearable Art – Textile Cuffs with Focus” – Steampunk Jewelry by edmdesigns edmdesigns & 1/2 Street Studio are proud to showcase an all NEW CONCEPT & APPROACH in the realm of Steampunk, Industrial, Gothic & “Over The Top/Cutting Edge” wearable art. Spectacular one of a kind creations using textiles, fibers arts, 3D mixed media, embellishments, artifacts & jewelry designing – bringing you incredible artful wrist cuffs, truly like no other – anywhere. Of course so many have already jumped on our huge success & been inspired to copy this concept. Please know that these ALL ORIGINATED here first back in 2009 & the ORIGINALS will ALWAYS rest here with edmdesigns. The copies don't hold a candle to our unique, over the top & elegant line. They never will. We understand the depths from which these must be envisioned & created, such to loan to the Steampunk & Industrial genre in a whole new way. Please take a moment to read our Profile page to learn more about the collaboration of what is already said to be the most unique & avant-garde cuff accessories in the world of high fashion STATEMENT designs & conceptually progressive wearable art. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We have designed Steampunk Textile Cuffs for the Movie “Spy Kids” & been commissioned for MIB3, & other Sci-Fi, Steampunk productions.(Special hugs & thanks to Nina P. & Laura F. for your trust in our work – so happy you love them & can't wait for the media kit & pics) – R & T ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Base: Assemblage using layers of thick, cotton textured upholstery style variants with tons of wild fringe everywhere, mocha cotton, layered again as above, EXQUISITE BUTTER SOFT light tan (or buttercup/squash colored) LEATHER band with torn effects & contrasting black stitching, brown patches & strips of leather. Altering textures of fringed & torn leathers. Strong textured BLACK SUEDE side bands with hand stitched & “machine run wild” freeform embellished patterns of threading. Look closely at the enlargements. One adjustable fastener that ties to the HUGE vintage SKELETON KEY will keep this amazing cuff in place. Its SO comfortable ! Focals & Details: Mounted to this cuff you will find an assortment of the following: Copper mesh grid, hand hammered silver coils, an Elgin vintage watch portion onto which several brass gears have been adhered. Center is an encased, genuine LARGE, bad ass green Asian beetle, an antique brass tool tag with lettering of the company & numbered 17 is

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