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steampunk Textile Cuff Victorian Vintage Escutcheon Brass Bee Bell Metal Flowers Boho Wedding – Clothing By Edmdesigns


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Steampunk Textile Cuff – Steampunk Jewelry & Clothing: Steampunk Textile Cuff Victorian Cuff Vintage ESCUTCHEON Brass Bee Bell MeTAL Flowers Boho Cuff Earthtone Wedding – Steampunk Clothing by edmdesigns “Steampunk Wearable Art – Textile Cuffs with Focus” edmdesigns & 1/2 Street Studios are proud to showcase an all NEW concept & APPROACH in the realm of Steampunk, Industrial, Gothic & “Over The Top/Cutting Edge” wearable art. Spectacular one of a kind creations using textiles, fibers arts, 3D mixed media, embellishments, artifacts & jewelry designing – bringing you incredible artful wrist cuffs, truly like no other – anywhere. Base of Cuff: This piece starts with soft piece of ivory fabric. A second layer of textured tan cotton is next, over which is sewn a piece of tan cotton with fringed edges & ruffles stitched in. The uppermost layer is a piece of brown fabric with gold & silver patterns embroidered into the weave. The irregular cut of the embroidered fabric reveals the various layers underneath – a total of four layers altogether. One end of the cuff is finished in a piece of rich chestnut brown leather with an alligator texture & bold zig-zag stitching. The other end has two pieces of leather doubled over to hold the elastic band closures with the same style of stitching as the opposing end. Focals & Details: The foundation of this mixed media sculpture is created out of an antique brass furniture escutcheon with a nice aged patina. A large brass clock gear is tucked under one edge of the escutcheon. The brass gear has a tall ribbed prong in the center to which is mounted a silver watch plate with a subtle pattern around the edge & a small brass gear in the center. in the center of the escutcheon is another large brass clock gear that covers a brass watch plate. Resting on the gear is a large brass bee with a fantastic aged finish. The bee has exquisite details, from the ribbing of the body to the finely veined pattern in the wings. This is a great looking bee & as we know, bees love flowers. So what kind of flowers would attract a bee with a dark brass finish? How about these superb flowers created from genuine antique jingle bells? These jingle bells are as old as they look, with a dark, time-aged finish & corroded surfaces inside & out. The bells have been opened bent backwards to create the petals for some authentic Steampunk tulips. This is mechanical nature at its best… To accentuate the rustic look of this breathtaking creation, two vintage wood coat buttons are fixed to one end of the wrist cuff to serve as the closure in conjunction with the elastic loops on the other end. A fantastically executed design from start to finish, treat yourself to a fashion accessory you will cherish always… Excellent UNISEx design. Specs (approx.): Approximately 9-10 inches in circumference when closed by 6 inches wide. This cuff easily accommodates much larger sizes. If a smaller size is desired. GREAT as a gift idea. As

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