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Women Maxi Skirt, Victorian Black Gothic Flare Formal Steampunk A Line Loose Skirt


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Women Maxi Skirt, Victorian Skirt, Black Skirt ◈ Deconstructed Volume Skirt. Unbelievably stylish “Japanese' black, long skirt with an amazing silhouette designed for special occasions & inspired by the fairy tale “The mermaid & the sailor”! Made & crafted from high quality & lite French viscose with a very comfy & cozy feeling all year round. Easy to wear with no heaviness at all. The special cut & appearance creates the amazing wow effect & makes it a must have design in your wardrobe! Made in Europe. WEAR IT WITH ATTITUDE…:))) ◈ We offer custom fitting without any extra charge, simply send us your measurements (height, across shoulders, bust, waist, hips). ◈ CARE INSTRUCTIONS For best results, dry clean only or wash at low temperature. Please steam iron before wearing. ◈ DELIVERY TIMES We ship everything with Express Delivery by DHL Estimated shipping times > 2-3 work days. ◈ Visit our shop to see all the designs we offer > ◈ MQM SIZE CHART Please look at our size chart before placing an order! SIZE XS (US 2, UK 6, Italian 36, French 34, German 32, Japan 3) bust: fits bust around 33.5″ / 85cm Waist: fits waist around 26″ / 66cm Hips: fits hips around 36″ / 91cm For overall height: 5'3″ / 160cm around SIZE S (US 6, UK 10, Italian 40, French 38, German 36, Japan 7) bust: fits bust around 35.5″ / 90cm Waist: fits waist around 28″/ 71cm Hips: fits hips around 38″/ 97cm For overall height: 5'5″ / 165cm around SIZE M (US 10, UK 14, Italian 44, French 42, German 40, Japan 11) bust: fits bust around 37.5″ / 95cm Waist: fits waist around 30″/ 76cm Hips: fits hips around 40″/ 102cm For overall height: 5'7″ / 170cm around SIZE M+, L- (US 12, UK 16, Italian 46, French 44, German 42, Japan 13) bust: fits bust around 39″ / 99cm Waist: fits waist around 31.5″/ 80cm Hips: fits hips around 41.5″/ 106cm For overall height: 5'7″-5'9″ / 173-175cm SIZE L (US 14, UK 18, Italian 48, French 46, German 44, Japan 15) bust: fits bust around 40.5″/ 103cm Waist: fits waist around 33″/ 84cm Hips: fits hips around 43″/ 109cm For overall height: 5'9″ / 175cm around SIZE XL (US 18, UK 18, Italian 52, French 46, German 48, Japan 22) bust: fits bust around 43.5″/ 110cm Waist: fits waist around 36″/ 91cm Hips: fits hips around 46″/ 117cm For overall height: 5'9″ / 175cm around SIZE XXL (US 20, UK 20, Italian 54, French 48, German 48) Bust -45.7″- 115-116 cm Waist – 38″inc/96-97 cm Hips – 48.5″inc/122-123 cm For overall height: – 5'8″-5'9″/175-177cm around Note: We declare all items as a gift & at low value Women Maxi Skirt, Victorian Black Gothic Flare Formal Steampunk A Line Loose Skirt

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