I bought this lighter online and paid really good price to buy this. I don't know this is antique item or not but it is such a beautiful crafted lighter.

There were about 30 to 40 screws in this Steampunk lighter. I started the restoration by opening all the screws then Cleaned the Brass parts with the help of patina cleaning liquid in my ultrasonic cleaner.
I used Dilute Nitric Acid to remove the upper rusted surface of the brass and then neutralized all the parts with the help of Baking soda which is a strong base.
First i polished all the Brass parts with the help of polishing compound and then i shined them with the help of a liquid shiner in ultrasonic cleaner.
Ultra polishing mag polish was used to give a final finish polish to all brass parts.

The remaining lighter Parts like Fuel, Flint i bought online from zippo.

RESTORATION of Badly Rusted SteamPunk Oil LIGHTER

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