Metal Wall Art Flame Heart Sculpture #1608 – Steampunk Modern, Valentine's Day Housewarming 7th anniversary Regalo de aniversario Christmas

This Steampunk inspired Copper Flame Heart #1608 is a perfect gift for the "hard to buy for" person who has everything. Handcrafted metal art is the going trend for home décor. My copper hearts are a favorite of online shoppers and art gallery enthusiasts. The curve and wave pattern will give your space an aesthetically pleasing 3D effect. Its size and flame finish offers unique qualities that are not often found in works of Metal Art!

As with every art project, I meticulously cuts and arranges each piece until he has created exactly what he envisioned the piece to look like. That transcends the typical and allows the owner to display what is felt from within.

* Measures: 22.50 "W x 20.25"T x 1.75"H

* Material: Solid Copper & Silver brazed at the contact points

* Finish: Bright Flame

*A gift tag is included with each sculpture along with a coupon for a future purchase directly from me.

It is very important to me that you fall in love with your purchase …. so please contact me directly if you have any questions or want more info (backstory), or additional photos prior to your spending your hard earned Money.

Feedback is vital to my future as an artist. Feel free to contact me for questions or concerns about your purchase or Life Path Advisor information:

Mark Allen
Metal Artist & Life Path Advisor

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