Teapunk Snail from a steampunk wasteland by The Arkana Workshop (Alexandra Howard) DISPLAY ONLY – Post apocalypse styled distopian artwork

TEAPUNK SNAIL from a steampunk wasteland from The Arkana Workshop by Alexandra Howard.

A steampunk snail slowly roams the wasteland. His shell is laden with everything he needs for his morning, afternoon and evening tea (with tea in between). His name is Skuh.

Teapunk snail has been created using an Indian shell and polymer clay with metal embellishments. He carries a vial of real Yorkshire tea and 'white sugar' (white quartz sand). A brass propeller, a handmade light bulb and a variety of tea charms including a cup and teapot are suspended via clay leather straps and metal rings and chains.

(For a detailed list of materials, see the item information below).

The piece is finished with acrylic paint.

Length approximately 8cm

NOTE ON DISPLAY ONLY – I became very attached to my snail and decided I would quite like to keep him. I do however have a rule that I keep nothing I make and so the high price tag keeps him in my shop whilst not breaking that rule. On the other hand, everything/everyone has a price and should someone wish to pay the extraordinarily high price this little snail is listed for please do pay in the normal way 🙂

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