With nothing else to do during the 2020 Lockdown I’ve finally had a chance to edit down over 250 GB of build footage to a more watchable 4 GB. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think in the comments. I've kept the video on the channel theme of building, welding, and machining and it's intentionally light on theory. But if anyone wants to find our more then please do let me know and maybe I can do a video on the software and electronics. For those in the know it's a simple six step hall sensored motor as I didn’t have the enthusiasm to get the rotary table out and drill 360 holes to make some sort of optical encoder needed for the more interesting FOC solutions. As an added health warning I decided that worrying about eddy currents, magnetic circuits, and the laws of physics would have ruined the fun in building, so don’t base your commercial design on this motor!

All tracks from epidemicsound.com

1. Green Space by Halcyon Lounge
2. Strewn Fields by Tomas Skyldeberg
3. Nitency by Lucention
4. Elevated Consciousness by Amaranth Cove
5. Read My Thoughts by Civet Cat
6. Tried-And-True by Imprismed