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Halloween is upon us! This year I'm bringing you a series of costume & makeup tutorials centered around a theme starting with the Neo-Victorian Steampunk Era.

My Character is an Airship Pirate- Think of her as the female version of Captain Shakespear from Stardust (My Fave Movie!!) A ruthless pirate by reputation, and a dandy in private (thus the jewelry). Is it weird that I want to wear this all the time? After filming I actually went to get Five Guys wearing this- I caused quite the stir! A costume like this is my favorite kind- it's sexy, but not in an over-exposed kind of order uk viagra online drugs way. It leaves an instant impression, and makes you feel powerful and propecia canada price online sexy!

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Ophelia Underbust Corset
Bell Sleeve Dress

Wig- Arda Wigs “Claudia”- This wig comes with tight ringlet curls that I brushed out and rewound to order clomid online without a perscription give the sale canada drugs viagra hair a softer look. The color of my wig is “Dark Copper Red”

Makeup Geek Eye Makeup
Urban Decay Lips

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