Hello everybody. Sometimes people send me all sorts of things and this is one of such cases. In this video I will show you how I create a steampunk lamp, created from antiquarian things, found by me in different places and old appliances.
Under this glass dome are vintage radio tubes illuminated by LEDs and other illuminated curious artifacts.
ll lights are controlled by a switch installed on the power cable to the lamp.
Outside the glass dome on the lamp base, a switch / dimmer is mounted to adjust the light of a tubular vintage bulb.
At the top of the lamp there is a radiometer that starts rotating when the main tube lamp is turned on, it also works from simple sunlight, just put the lamp so that sunlight falls on it.
The speed of rotation of the radiometer depends on the intensity of the light, less light rotates the radiometer more slowly, more light rotates the radiometer faster.
Separate switch for LEDs. When you turn on the LEDs, they change color slowly.
All over the glass dome light bulbs, wires, power cables are not connected! It is an illusion and it is not dangerous to touch. All wiring is safely hidden at the base of the lamp.
Enjoy watching.

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