This video is for those who are wanting to get into creating steampunk or scifi props working with toy guns. This video has my assortment of equipment that I use to make my props and I will go above where you can locate them and how much they ordinarily cost. Underneath is a listing of all of the props I explained in this video, furthermore a few additional.

warmth gun
painters tape
soldering iron or wood burner kit
laptop screwdriver kit
jewelers pliers set
weighty duty wire cutters
wire strippers
safety mask
E-6000 glue
safety gloves
paint brushes
paint cleaner
rotary instrument kit
weighty duty drill
hobby utility knife
wire rounders
krylow fusion spray paint
paint sealant
denatured liquor
higher temp glue gun
wipe rag
pencil perm marker
utility instrument
painters drop fabric
portray stand
warmth gun
electrical thermometer (checking for humidity for portray outside)