If the world was to lose all electricity then they say this is what the world would be like. STEAMPUNK! In this video I show you guys how to do your makeup, hair, and dress like a Steampunk Adventurer.

– The hair is just a day old unwashed hair and a teased pony tail-


White Blouse – Goodwill
Black Short Cardigan – Goodwill
Corset – Alt-noir.com
Shorts – My Mom's Closet
Boots – My Mom's Closet
Leg Bag – DIY Goodwill
Gear Necklace – DIY Hobby Lobby
Steampunk Goggles – EBay

I have to say this video took so long for me to plan and get done but I'm very happy with the finish of it and I hope you guys like it.

STYLE TRIAL: 90's Grunge – https://youtu.be/synvzfywMY4

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