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DIY Mini Top Hat

Corinne shows how-to make a mini top hat so when you run away to the circus you are prepared! http://www.youtube.com/craftovision http://craftovision.tumblr.com http://www.facebook.com/craftovision Tweets by Craftovision source

How to Make an Embellished Light Bulb Terrarium Stand: Do-it-yourself Steampunk Planter

How to make a crafty industrial, Steampunk fashion embellished stand to keep a Do-it-yourself recycled light-weight bulb terrarium for your vegetation. http://www.chongolio.com/embellished-terrarium-foundation-vlog26/ How to build a Light bulb terrarium (aspect one): http://www.chongolio.com/embellished-terrarium-foundation-vlog25/ The aluminum foil …