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For a really exotic look that lends itself to cosplay, parties, Halloween, or a night of clubbing, these eye decoration temporary tattoos really fit the bill.
This set includes two types: eyeshadow designs that go above and below your eyes and extend toward your temples, and eyeliner types that go on your eyelid, just above the lash line.

We give you a total 18 pairs, half of them multi-color and half in black.

You're sure to find some designs in this set that you totally love.

If Halloween is coming up, note that one of the eyeshadow tattoos has a wonderful Halloween-oriented design, with a tiny graveyard, jack-o-lantern, and spiderweb.

So whether you want to use these temporary tattoos on special occasions, or on regular days that you want to make a little special, order today and see just how great they make you look!

Application instructions:
+ Wash and dry the area around your eyes. Don't apply over any other cosmetic product.

+ Cut the desired design from the sheet and remove the plastic backing.

+ Close your eye and carefully put the paper-backed tattoo in place and press it down onto the skin.

+ Apply water to the paper with a wet cloth or cotton ball. Apply pressure for several seconds, and then slide the paper backing off.

+ If you want to apply the eyeliner tattoos right down to your eyelash line, trim the bottom of the paper backing.

+ You can apply other eye makeup over the tattoo, but avoid products that are oily. They'll soften and loosen the tattoo.


To remove, scrub gently with baby oil or vaseline using a cotton ball or makeup pad.






Bob Wig


Purple / Pink / Fuchsia / Red / Orange / Yellow / Green / Blue

Dark Blue / Purple / Green / Silver / Fuchsia / Gold / Red / Pink / Orange / Sky Blue

Red / Blue / Green / Purple / Fuchsia / Orange

Red / Blue / Green / Purple / Fuchsia / Orange / Yellow / Pink


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A RANGE OF TERRIFIC COLOR AND BLACK DESIGNS. You get 10 pair of eyeshadow tattoos — 5 color and 5 black only, and 8 pair of eyeliner tattoos — 4 color and 4 black.18 sets eye tattoo stickers makeup are perfect for all kinds of activities: various forms of parties,halloween makeup, musical,costume,special activities,or just to add something special to an ordinary day at work or school.
Safe & Skin-friendly: Our latest temporary eye tattoo stickers are made of non-toxic imported high quality ink material, unique water transfer technology, and will not harm the delicate eye skin of your.These tattoos can be used along with other eye cosmetics and glitters for a more pretty and eye-catching collocation.
EASY TO APPLY AND LONG-LASTING. These tattoos apply easily in about a minute using only water (see instructions below). They're waterproof and can last up to several days.
NO RISK PURCHASE, FULL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If you're unsatisfied with this item for any reason, we'll immediately send you a replacement or refund your purchase price.