I want I owned such a retailer for serious… and experienced the essential client base much too. 🙂

Below is a little something for the gearheads, weapon collectors and roleplayers. Clearly if you don't like Steampunk you must transfer on.

For individuals who don't know what Steampunk is: It truly is generally Science-Fiction primarily based on the idea of the Victorian age advancing its technologies and society in a different path, mechanical relatively than electronic. From time to time magic and mysticism might also be component of a Steampunk fantasy world.

The blades demonstrated in this video clip are:
one.) An more mature Roman gladius by Raven Armoury (mid nineteen nineties)
http://www.raven-armoury.co.british isles/
2.) North Star Cutlass by Privateer Armoury
3.) Karambit by Regular Filipino Weapons
four.) A knife from a company I don't want to endorse
(sorry, I have arrive to despise their CEO much too a lot)
5.) Bowie knife by Yukon Equipment

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